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Whether you need a jump start into healthy skin or are getting ready for a special event, there is a skincare program for everyone. Our skincare programs are designed to give our clients outstanding results that will be noticed, felt and provide long-lasting results. Each of our programs are designed to achieve optimum results for each client. They are divided into categories as client come in all stages of age and skin type and condition. Our programs consist of four treatments, that are designed to be utilized over a six-week period.

To ensure we obtain the result desired from these programs, your Esthetician will consult with you about the program that would work best for you, and will provide you with recommended products for home-use.  On the day you purchase your skincare program, you will receive 15% off Guinot products, and 10% off Guinot products for the duration of the 6-week program.


The Programs


Vibrant Program

The Vibrant Program is designed for someone who is looking to increase firmness, hydration and vibrancy in their skin.   This program consists of four Age Summum Treatments that will be performed within a 6 week period. This will insure that the recipient sees results with each completed treatment, as skin cells regenerate.  A manual microdermabrasion scrub is used to remove dead skins cells, revealing new healthy, vibrant cells. With the use of Vitamin C and Hylouroinc Acid, the skin is hydrated and plump. A energetic facial massage is also performed in each treatment, helping with lifting the skin and further stimulation for product penetration. 

The Vibrant Program would be great for anyone concerned with sagging, lack luster skin, Mother of the Bride/Groom or someone interested in starting a preventative anti-aging routine.

While on this program it is recommended to limit sun exposure and use specific home care products recommended by your Esthetician.

Details regarding the Vibrant Program


Brightening Program

The Brightening Program has been designed to work on hyperpigmentation.  It will start to diminish the appearance of sun damage, age spots and melasma.  This program is also great for someone who feels their skin has begun to look dull and lifeless, and needs a boost of radiance.

During the duration of this skin care program we will be doing two Hydradermie facials, which uses a galvanic current to penetrate vitamin C deep into the cells, targeting the hyperpigmentation from within.  Then, with the use of the Beaute Nueve facial, we will perform two more treatments to target the hyperpigmentation on the surface of the skin.  This facial uses a fruit acid peel for a deeper exfoliation and a pure Vitamin C mask to brighten the skin. 

While on this program it is recommended to limit sun exposure and use specific home care products recommended by your Esthetician, such as Guinot’s Newhite line, specifically designed for hyperpigmentation.

Details regarding the Brightening Program


Anti-Aging Program

The Anti- Aging program will be targeting two main concerns when it comes to aging skin. First, we will be stimulating the muscle tone with two treatments of The Lift facial.  This facial uses a micro-current to lift and stimulate muscles in the face, which may have become loose and drooping.

Then we will work on the firmness of the surface skin with two treatments of the Age Summum facial. This facial will firm and plump the skin with a vigorous lifting massage using Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, allowing you to visually see increased firmness in the skin.

Not only is the program great for someone who is already seeing the effects of aging, but also someone who is looking to prevent aging in the future.  During this program it is important to keep supplying energy to the cells. Guinot’s Time Logic night time serum will help you see the results you want.

Details regarding the Anti-Aging Program


Re-Balancing Program

Whether you are just learning the importance of skincare or maybe have gotten a little off track, the Rebalancing Program is a great place to kick-start your way to good skin.  This program uses four Hydradermie facials to get your skin rebalanced, deep cleaned, and hydrated.  Each treatment can be customized for what the skin needs. 

This program would be perfect for dry, sensitive, or acne skin types.  A customized home care regimen will be recommended at the first appointment.

Details regarding the Re-Balancing Program


Bride-To-Be Program

This program is a great way to get the glowing skin every bride wants on her wedding day!  Starting the program off with a Hydradermie Facial to clean and hydrate the skin. This will give your skin a clean slate, allowing for the rest of the facials in this program to work optimally. This program also includes two Beaute Nueve Facials, which will exfoliate the skin using a fruit acid peel and then brighten the skin with a pure Vitamin C mask.  This will ensure a smooth make up application for your wedding day.

Finish this program with The Lift facial, which uses a micro current to stimulate the muscles in the face and neck to give the face a lifted and contoured look.  This program would not only be great for the bride to be, but also the mother of the bride/groom or bridesmaids!

Details regarding the Bride-To-Be Program


Youthful Eyes Program

The Youthful Eyes Program is a series of four Ultra Eye Logic treatments.  This is Guinot’s newest treatment and is a 55 minute treatment solely working on the eyes and forehead area.  It helps combat fine lines and wrinkles, as well as dark circles. 

Using the galvanic current we help penetrate ingredients, such as ATP and Pro Oxygen to tighten and tone the eye area, while using green seaweed to increase circulation. After the galvanic treatment, an eye contour massage is performed and is followed by an eye contour mask, which creates and instant lifting effect and releases the active ingredients to the heart of the cell.   This is followed with 15 minutes of micro-current around the eyes, stimulating the eye muscles, to prevent the look of sagging.

The eyes are one of the first areas we will notice signs of aging, this program is designed for anyone who is trying to prevent or correct unwanted aging around the eyes.  It is perfect for someone who may be noticing the effects of a busy lifestyle and may need a “pick me up” around the eyes.

Details regarding the Youthful Eyes Program


Back-To-School Program

This program is perfect for high school and college students, who are home for the summer, and want to head back to school with fresh, clean skin.  This program will start with a Hydradermie facial to rebalance and deep clean the skin.  Because our skin has been building up of bacteria, dead skin cells and dirt all year long, we will continue the program with three Hydraclean facials. This will not only insure the skin is well-cleaned, but it will also continue to combat blemishes and imperfections.

Since the Hydraclean facials are only 25 minutes long, this program is perfect for students who have an action packed summer and do not have a lot of time to spend at the spa.  With your program you will get a customized home care regimen to follow to keep your skin looking great all school year!

Details regarding the Back-To-School Program
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