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Washingtonian (May 2015)

9 DC Salon and Spa Specials for Mother’s Day 2015 ▼


9 DC Salon and Spa Specials for Mother’s Day 2015

Mom spoils you all year, and for one day in May, it’s your time to return the favor. Here are nine salons and spas that have got your back—or hers, covered with massage oil—to ensure she has a relaxing, pampered Mother’s Day (which is this Sunday, May 10, kids). Go for a single service, or buy her a whole Mother’s Day special spa package—either way, even just an hour to relax on her own will be appreciated. …
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Where Traveler (January 2015)

Spa Tripping: 11 Top D.C. Spots for Pampering ▼


Partners in the Sublime

Friendly staff in this bright Old Town cottage in Alexandria, Virginia offers several massages for two, but the Couples Massage Instruction (90 min., $232) soothes and teaches partners skills to replicate the experience at home…
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Extra Alex Blog (January 2015)

How To: Get Fit in Alexandria ▼

From Extra Alex Blog

How To: Get Fit in Alexandria

After all that bulking up, find time to wind down with a healthy dose of relaxation at one of Alexandria’s spas. There’s no better way to release any holiday-induced stress than by treating yourself to a facial, hot stone massage, or a pedicure. So I hereby give you permission to set aside some “me” time at Fountains Day Spa in Old Town with a foot massage, facial or a Black Baltic Mud-wrap;
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Obsessed Magazine (May 2014)

Ah Spa – 6 Great Places to Pamper Your Mom on Mothers Day ▼

From Obsessed Magazine

Ah Spa – 6 Great Places to Pamper Your Mom on Mothers Day

While this sweet Alexandria spa is offering five different Mother’s Day packages to choose from, we love the sound of this her and her treatment time. First, you and your mom will bond over chocolates and fruit while you relax in your robes…
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With Amour Blog (January 2014)

Old Town Resources’ ▼

From With Amour Online Blog

Health and Beauty – Fountains Day Spa

I have had two massages at Fountains Day Spa with two different people and they have both been fabulous. They do such a fantastic job of paying attention to the little details. For example, their massage tables are slightly heated. For someone who gets cold really easily, this detail is so important and makes such a big difference.


Northern Virginia Magazine (February 2013)

Five Valentine’s Dates and Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ ▼

From Northern Virginia Magazine online

Valentine’s Day Specials – Fountains Day Spa

There’s nothing more relaxing and romantic than having a spa night with your Valentine. Fountains Day Spa, which is ranked as one of the best, offers a variety of specials such as “Roses are Red,” “For Your Romeo” and “Two of Hearts” on Valentine’s Day. Enjoy massages, fresh fruit, chocolates and wines in a private room; you will rekindle the magic of love with your one and only.
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Washingtonian Magazine (February 2013)

Express Lane: Mini-Spa Treatments ▼

From Washingtonian Magazine online

Express Treatments – Mini-Facial

At Fountains Day Spa in Alexandria, instead of lathering up and wiping down your entire face, the Mini Facial (25 minutes, $57) zeroes in on a problem area specified by you, such as puffy eyes or a pimply forehead.
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Washingtonian Magazine (January 2013)

Great Day Spas 2013: Our 12 Favorite Massages ▼

From Washingtonian Magazine online

Favorite Massages – Fountains Day Spa

With its cheery flower beds and sunshine-yellow exterior, this quaint Old Town spot feels more like a friend’s house than a day spa. And although we sometimes felt squeezed—the snug reception area was so crowded we had to fill out our forms standing up—it all melted away once we’d met Tiffany Davidson, our bubbly massage therapist…
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Day Spa Magazine (August 2012)

Face Time – Aromatic Facial ▼

From Day Spa Magazine online

Face Time – Aromatic Facial

This simple procedure combines the ultimate serenity of massage with the benefits of natural plant extracts, is customized to personal needs and finishes with a nourishing mask,” raves Suzanne Olsen, Fountains Day Spa’s owner and master esthetician. “It leaves clients feeling completely relaxed with glowing, hydrated skin.
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Washingtonian (June 2012)

Father’s Day Specials 2012 – Fountains Day Spa ▼

From Washingtonian online

Father’s Day Specials 2012 -Fountains Day Spa

If your pop loves to run, send him to Fountains Day Spa for the $158 Runner’s Delight spa package, which includes a mini massage that focuses on the lower back, neck, and shoulders. Dad will also be treated to a foot exfoliation and leg massage, plus an acupressure treatment that is applied to the muscles around the feet. Fountains Day Spa is also offering two other Father’s Day packages.
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Washingtonian (May 2011)

Mother’s Day Specials 2011 – Fountains Day Spa ▼

From Washingtonian online

Mother’s Day Specials 2011 -Fountains Day Spa

The spa is offering several Mother’s Day packages, such as the $315 Mamma Mia, which includes an aromatherapy massage, reflexology treatment, and Super Hydradermie facial, topped off with lunch from Balducci’s. There’s also a package for moms-to-be, with a massage and facial plus foot- and hand-exfoliation treatment and lunch for $238.
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Northern Virginia Magazine (May 2010)

The Fountains Day Spa ▼

The Fountains Day Spa: The Ultimate Relaxation

Located in a quaint yellow townhouse in Old Town Alexandria, Fountains Day Spa offers a variety of full-service packages, which include a catered lunch from Balducci’s as well as array of solo treatments.

For a day of bliss on the more luxurious end, indulge with the Stress Buster Package, which starts you off with a 50 Minute Combination Massage followed by 30 minutes of reflexology. Afterward, clients are taken into one of the relaxation rooms for lunch and fruit. The package finally wraps with a 60-minute Hydradermie Facial. | $257.00 for 3 hours

For a full-on relaxation coma, there is Fountains Queen for the Day Package. This full-bodied package incorporates body polish that leaves you skin with a healthy blow, and 60-minute combination massage and 30 minutes of reflexology. This treatment also includes lunch and fruit, followed by a Super Hydradermie Facial (90 minutes), including a Vitamin C peel. | $416 for 5 hours | 422 S Washington St. Alexandria, 703-549-1990;

Also online picked as a Top Spa
Decorated in citrus tones, the spa (no salon services like haircuts or manicures here) is a haven of relaxation. Owner Suzanne Olsen (trained in London and Paris) does her absolute utmost to make sure her clients are happy with their therapists as well as their treatments……
For the entire review please click here (the review is near the end of the page). (April 2010)

Five best Spas in Virginia ▼

Washingtonian (October 2009)

Fountains of Youth ▼

Fountains of Youth – Fountains is a longtime favorite spa in Old Town …

Washingtonian (May 2009)

Best Email Specials ▼

Best Email Specials

Best Facial, Best Massage and Best Email Specials within the last year by Washingtonian.
This Old Town spa, in a lemon yellow row house, has a cozy atmosphere you can’t help but love. Comfy chairs in the waiting area are a nice spot to sip tea in ceramic mugs with saucers or cucumber infused water while waiting for a treatment.

We recommend the facials – especially those done by owner Suzanne Olsen.

Need more reason to visit? Daily e-mail specials – you can sign up at the front desk – offer 10 to 25 percent off a variety of treatments.
The Fountains Day Spa
422 S. Washington St. Alexandria

Allure (February 2009)

Face Time ▼

Directory – Face Time

They say lightning never strikes twice – but we’d like to avoid it the first time around. We confessed as much to [Angela] Hall when she handed us a metal “grounder” and prepared to run electric currents over our face. She assured us that the mild galvanic charges would simply lift impurities without causing blotches. We still flinched (from fear, not pain), but besides a metallic taste in our mouth, the only noticeable side effect was silky skin. The real shocker? No postfacial breakouts. Hydradermie Facial, $95.

The Hill (May 2009)

The Fountains Day Spa ▼

The Fountains Day Spa

Suzanne Olsen said that Fountains prides itself on a holistic approach, including nutrition and homecare, and her therapists are well trained to provide homecare and advice.

Olsen is a Guinot skincare product expert and has been since 1973. She was trained in Paris and London. Guinot’s cornerstone, the Hydradermie facial, recognizes the skin as a living organ.

Click here to read the full article in The Hill.

Washingtonian (June 2008)

Things to Do – Place for a Massage ▼

Things To Do – Place For A Massage

Fountains Day Spa ranked one of the two best places to go to get a massage in the Washington Metro area.

Northern Virginia Living (May 2008)

Sumptuous Spas for Ma ▼

Sumptuous Day Spas for Ma

Set in a centuries-old Alexandria townhouse in the historic Old Town area, Fountains (422 S. Washington St., Alexandria; 703-549-1990; lives up to its promise of a cheery atmosphere and a friendly staff. Decorated in citrus tones, the spa (no salon services like haircuts or manicures here) is haven of relaxation. Owner Suzanne Olsen (trained in London and Paris) does her absolute utmost to make sure her clients are happy with their therapists as well as their treatments. The only stressor here? Selection of service. Choose from four types of facials ($90 each) ranging from the Hydradermie (infuses skin with nourishment, hydration and anti-aging ingredients) the Beaute Neuve skin peel to toning treatment Liftosome to the relaxing Aromatic, which features a uniquely customized blend of essential oils. Those especially craving spiritual and sensory spa healing will go for the Harmony package, which may include any of the following: energy work, reflexology, reiki, or intuitive bodywork. Therapists effectively customize each individual massage to meet the specific needs of each individual client (50 minutes, $105). Fans of more traditional techniques, however, can also indulge in Swedish ($85) or deep-tissue ($95) services or a combination of the two approaches on troubled areas (a mean ticket tag of only $90). Best bets when booking for Mom? Check the website frequently. Fountains offers a sign up for daily specials email and posts seasonal discounts ( a nearly $300 savings on a 12-massage package, for example), plus a 10 percent-off coupon for first-timers.

Washingtonian (February 2008)

2008 More Spas We Love ▼

2008 More Spas We Love

Holistic Haven

Fountains Day Spa The Fountains Day Spa is an intimate, homey retreat for those who don’t mind a dose of holistic advice with their facial; owner Suzanne Olsen might urge a client to switch from antiperspirant to aluminum-free deodorant or “read” a client’s personality through her feet. (Our reviewer was told that her big toe showed she used her brain, though a troubling curve hinted that she was “overbearing.”) Still, clients are well cared for, and our reviewer’s facial was good.

Northern Virginia Living (May 2007)

2007 Top Day Spas ▼

2007 Top Day Spas

This old town spa is easy to miss if you are not looking – and their high profile clientele prefers it that way. Owner, Suzanne Olsen keeps the faces of area celebrities camera-ready and advises on everything from nutrition to relaxation techniques. The Guinot Hydradermie facials are often combined with reflexology for what amounts to a full body intervention. Loyal customers bring their teens for skin care education and treatment. Boys have been known to sneak in the back door for their facials. They know Suzanne won’t exfoliate and tell.

Spa Wish (November 2008 – December 2011)

Excellent Overall Experience ▼

Spa Wish Rated The Fountains Day Spa excellent in overall experience for eight straight years.

Washington Post (2006)

Top Ten Day Spas ▼

Top Ten Day Spas

The Fountains Day Spa was rated among the Top Ten Day Spas.

Northern Virginia Living (November/December 2005)

Top Day Spas ▼

Top Day Spas

The Fountains Day Spa was rated among the Top Day Spas.

City of Alexandria (2005)

Beautification Award ▼

Beautification Award

The Fountains Day Spa was awarded the Beautification Award.

Spa Index (Summer 2004)

Top Rated ▼

Top Rate

The Fountains Day Spa was among the top rated.

Featured in Top Spas

The Fountains Day Spa ▼

Washingtonian (2009)
Washingtonian (2008)
Washingtonian (2005)
Washingtonian (2004)
Northern Virginia Living (2004)


The Fountains Day Spa ▼

Allure Magazine
Dominion Magazine
Northern Virginia Living
Northern Virginia Health & Life
The Hill
Spa Week



Fountains Day Spa Awards. Serving clients in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Maryland & the DC area. We offer facials, body treatments, massage & more.

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