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Review of Different Types of Hair Removal Techniques

Over the past century, hair removal has been an ongoing battle for both men and women. Today’s Fashion trends are to be practically hair free all over the body, leaving the skin smooth and soft. Depending on the method of hair removal used it can be time consuming costly and painful.
For those who are not sure which method to use, and before I explain the different applications I wish to point out that now is the time to act no matter which method you use. In the winter months the legs are covered up and if needed you can allow the hair to grow without being seen.


This method is very popular as an in-spa treatment, the results last longer than shaving as the hair is extracted from the root, giving it a longer journey to appear on the skin’s surface. The more you wax the softerfiner the hair grows until it gives up. These results are more common on the legs bikini areas, the face and eye brows respond much slower. If waxing the legs is started in the late AutumnWinter, by the time summer comes the growth pattern has slowed down considerably. For best results the earlier you start to wax the faster you will see desired results.

You get long lasting results, with large areas being able to be treated at one time, and can be used on all areas of the body.

It can be painful, some areas more so than others (upper lip, and bikini area). The pain however can be treated before waxing with a numbing cream, such as “No Scream Cream”. After waxing, the skin can be sensitive and a little red for a mall period of time (this varies depending on the person). It is also important that the hair be a certain length (at least a quarter of an inch) in order for the waxing to be successful.


Mostly used on the face lip and chin area. It is the only permanent treatment for hair removal approved by the FDA.
A very fine needle is passed into the opening of the follicle and a small amount current is emitted to destroy the root of the hair. Each hair is treated individually so permanent results can take a while, as it is a one hair at a time process.

It is the only permanent hair treatment, and can be used by anyone, there are no restrictions on skin or hair color, as there are with laser treatments.

The skin can react temporally after treatment (swellingred). It can be time consuming, depending on the area being treated.


Laser hair removal has come a long way since it was introduced in the 90’s. Both the laser and light based technology are safe and effective and can be used on many types of skins. Caution is highly recommended when treating any person with a darker complexion as the laser is attracted to color and would burn the surface of the skin, and not remove the hair.

The results are much quicker then with electrolysis, and larger areas can be treated at one time, with little side effects.

If the proper precautions are not taken hyper pigmentation can occur, and white or light hair cannot be treated. Also as said before, laser is not for all skin types. It is ideal for people with a lighter complexion and darker hair.


Mostly used at home, these are easy to use, by applying a gel or a cream to the skin where the growth of hair is present and leaving it on the skin for about 10-15 minutes. They work by weakening the hair on the surface of the skin which can be wiped off with a cloth after the allotted time. They can be used on most areas of the body though not really recommended for the more sensitive areas, such as the lips or bikini area.

Easy to use at home if you’re looking for a quick-fix.

The chemicals used in these products can have a drying effect to the skin and cause irritation; also they have an unpleasant odor which can linger long after the application is over.