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Guinot Reformulation


 They weren’t bad before, Guinot just made them better!




Lait Hydra Fraîcheur & Lait Hydra Confort


Ideal Skin Type: Normal & Dry/Dehydrated Skin

Guest Blogger: Erin Ryan




If you are an avid Guinot user, then you may have heard that Guinot has enhanced and improved their milk cleansers.  If you have never used Guinot, then you are in for a treat!  Both the Lait Hydra Fraîcheur and the Lait Hydra Confort cleansers have been completely reformulated to create two totally different cleansers.  Although keeping their familiar names, the cleansers are not the same otherwise.  The big question is, why did Guinot change their cleansers?   Many clients adored the old cleansers and may be a little confused.  Guinot strives to stay ahead of the forever-changing technology and trends of the skin care world.  While the old cleansers were great, Guinot said, “Why not make them even better?”


In the past cleansers have been used for one purpose, to clean the skin.  They were applied and then rinsed off moments later.  This is where the new cleansers differ, now they are being used as a treatment rather than just cleansing the skin.  Yes, you still get that great clean feeling, but now the ingredients are able to penetrate deeper into the skin, leaving behind some great benefits!



The Lait Hydra  Fraîcheur, which used to be pink in color, is now a refreshing blue tone.  This cleanser is also referred to as “Refreshing Cleansing Milk”.  The new blue color is much more fitting, as the main ingredient is aloe vera extract. It is a great cleanser for all skin types and now is even better at removing stubborn makeup.  The consistency is a milky gel, which provides a great mixture of hydration and cleansing. It is also gentle enough to use on eyes and lips to remove waterproof makeup!  It’s key ingredients are aloe vera and cucumber extract, these help to moisturize and refresh the skin. This cleanser works well with the conjoining toner, Lotion Hydra Fraîcheur. Pairing the two will help with makeup removal and toning and remineralising the skin.


The other cleanser that Guinot has reformulated is the Lait Hydra Confort. This cleanser can also be referred to as the “Comforting Cleansing Milk” . It has a creamy milk consistency, and is great for dry or dehydrated skin. With the new formulation, this cleanser is now pink. It contains shea oil to nourish and soothe the skin, while the fig extract moisturizes and reduces water loss in the skin. This formula also includes Liposkin which is a rich vegetable butter with a soft and creamy texture for smooth application. Pair with the toner, Lotion Hydra Confort, to prevent dryness and protect the skin from free radicals.


Whether you have been a long time fan of the old cleansers, or are considering trying something completely new, give one of these cleansers a try, they would be a great addition to your skin regimen!


Danielle’s Skincare Routine


Danielle’s Skincare Routine


Ideal Skin Type: Dry Skin

Guest Blogger: Danielle Hoffman


My name is Danielle, and I wanted to share my daily skincare routine with you. First I’ll give you a little background information about me. I am originally from Maryland, but before moving back, I lived in Florida for 4 years.  During my time there, I did what any Floridian does, I soaked up the Sun, which resulted in many sunburns. I cringe now just thinking about it.  Eventually I wised up about how bad Sun damage was for my skin and quit the long days at the beach and started applying SPF.


I initially was interested in becoming a makeup artist. I was always doing makeup for my friends and family for events or dates. I wanted to become certified and began looking up makeup artist programs. During my search to become certified I started to discover Esthetics and began to develop a strong interest in it.  One thing led to another and I became a licensed Esthetician, and have fallen in love with skincare.

As a person with dry skin, this harsh winter has done a number on it. My skin was not only dry but flakey all over, and was in much need for some nourishment. The cleanser I’m using at the moment is the Lait Hyrda Confort cleansing milk. I absolutely love this cleanser, it takes off all of my makeup, makes my skin actually feel smooth, and did I mention it smells so good. This cleansing milk contains Shea Oil which leaves my skin feel so soft and healthy. It also contains Cornflower extracts, this helps to soothe my skin.


The way I use it is by pumping 2-4 pumps in my hands and work the cleanser around my dry face. I apply the milk to dry skin because it is an emollient, which helps to breakdown any dirt, oil or makeup that I have on my skin. Then I simply rinse the cleansing milk off with warm water and a shammy (a type of washcloth).

After cleansing my face, I apply a moisturizer. The moisturizers I use differs from day to night.  In the morning I use BiOxygene cream. I find that it provides my skin with hydration without being too heavy. I apply BiOxygene just before I put on my makeup.  It’s hydrating enough to give my makeup long staying power, and light enough to keep my makeup from slipping off my face.  Lastly, the smell of this cream is divine, very fresh and clean.
Because my skin has been recovering from the cold, to give it an added boost of nourishment, I have been apply Creme Nutrition Confort after I cleanse my skin at night.  This cream is filled with essential oils, such as, Lavender, Rosemary and Thyme.  These oils help repair and nourish very dry skin. This is a cream that I’m using to treat my dry skin, as the weather warms up and my skin balances out I may replace this moisturizer with BiOxygene, but for the time being this is a necessary product for me.


If anyone has any questions about any of the products I use, or if you are interested in having a skin consultation and facial, just stop by the spa, I’m always happy to meet new people.




Treatment Spotlight: Super Hydradermie



Treatment Spotlight: Super Hydradermie

Ideal Client: Anyone

Guest Blogger: Kelly Johnson



The Super Hydradermie is a great facial to get rid of all that dry, dull skin that has been building up over the past few chilling months. It combines the exfoliating peel of the Beaute Neuve Facial and the deep cleansing and hydration of the Hydradermie Facial. This is what I like to call “The best of both worlds.” The peel contains a gentle mix of fruit acids including Glycolic and Citric acid. Glycolic Acid is an exfoliator that removes the outer layer of dead skin cells, resulting in fresh new skin. It can also help lighten skin discoloration, such as sun or age spots, as well as help those with acne-prone and blackhead-prone skin.  Citric acid contains vitamin C, which is considered to be a very powerful antioxidant that can stimulate collagen production, plumping up the skin.


Super Hydradermie


This fruit-acid exfoliation is then balanced by a neutralizing treatment  foam, that removes the dead skin cells that the fruit acid has been breaking down, and leaves the skin looking brighter, and healthier. After continued treatments the appearance of hyper pigmentation will begin to diminish.


Once your skin has received this gentle yet thorough exfoliation, the deep cleansing of the traditional Hydradermie begins. Your Esthetican uses galvanic current and customized gels, based on your skin condition. The current not only allows the treatment gels to penetrate further into the skin, but it also helps to pull impurities out, making extraction (if needed) much easier.


Following the current, an oxygenating cream is applied and a high frequency wand is passed over the skin for several minutes, to further oxygenate and soothe the skin. The facial finishes with a individually prescribed mask and followed with an appropriate moisturizer, protecting the skin from the outside elements.


The Super Hydradermie is ideal for clients wanting a deeper exfoliation, improve skin texture, even out their complexion, and increase overall hydration.