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Guinot HydraPeel Treatment

The Hydra Peeling Treatment


Over the past 50 years, Guinot’s mission has been to help women become more beautiful with exclusive treatments and innovative products.


The Hydra Peeling Treatment is an alternative to aesthetic medicine (without the pain or the hefty price tag). This treatment is a 45 minute facial with 3 steps to ensure and help with the process of ageing, pigmentation and brightening up the skins complexion. It exfoliates, resurfaces, moisturizes and renews the skin leaving it completely re-energized.


How it works:
The Hydra Peeling treatment is done in three steps: (1) Peeling, (2) Hydra Neuve Massage, (3) Mask Hydra Beaute.

STEP ONE – Peeling

STEP ONE – Peeling

As the first phase of this treatment, either the Hydra PH or the Hydrabrasion peeling treatment soaks in for 10 minutes, acting on brown spots and pigmentation, while simultaneously exfoliating.

  • The Hydra PH, designed for all skin types, is made with Biolactone to easily remove dead cells, and Phytic Acid (derived from rice grains) to peel deeply.
  • The Hydrabrasion, designed for sensitive skin, uses natural cellulose particles to eliminate dead cells (allowing new ones to emerge) and papaya extract to break connection between dead cells through enzymatic action.

STEP TWO – Massage

STEP TWO – Massage


The second phase, Hydra Neuve Massage, uses Dermostimulines to help stimulate cellular activity and re-balance PH in the skin.





The third phase, Mask Hydra Beaute, uses reed extract, poria cocos, and camelina oil to sooth and enhance protection of the skin, while restructuring the skin’s barrier.




Two Versions:

Unlike our other peeling facials (Beaute Neuve) two protocols are available with the Hydra Peeling treatment. Which gives the beauty therapist even greater control over the clients skin, making sure we choose the correct procedure for the skins condition.

HYDRA PEELING with HYDRA PH is a skin-friendly peeling treatment that is recommended for all skin types.

HYDRA PEELING with HYDRABRASION is recommended for sensitive skin.



The Results ▼

The Results


After 3 treatments with Hydra Peeling with Hydrabrasion:
– A significant decrease was observed in the number of corneocyte layers in stratum corneum
– A 29.1% average decrease in rough texture



After 3 treatments with Hydra Peeling with Hydra PH:
– A significant decrease was observed in the number of corneocyte layers in stratum corneum
– A 30.9% average decrease in rough texture
– A 55.7% average decrease in dark spots



For outstanding results we do recommend the treatment to be received on a regular basis every seven days for  3 to 6 weeks depending on the amount of brightening you require. This treatment can also be combined with our Hydradermie facial if desired.


Duration & Cost ▼

Duration & Cost


Duration of treatment: 45 minutes

Cost per treatment: $134


If you’re looking for an instant glow, to brighten your complexion and improve pigmentation, then look no further then the Hydra Peeling Treatment.

To make an appointment call, 703-549-1990.

Meet Jazmine



Meet Jazmine

Guest Blogger: Jazmine Jamal






Hi, my name is Jazmine! I am an enthusiastic massage therapist who’s up for the challenge. I began learning & studying most of my great modalities at American Massage & Bodywork Institute. This particular school appealed to me because, it’s a very family oriented, which is also why I was drawn to Fountains Day Spa


Growing up, I found that I loved making people feel happy! When I was little I always thought I knew what I wanted to be “when I grew up,” but as I became an adult, my paths changed. The one thing that stayed consistent with me as an adult and the four year-old me, was that I still knew I wanted and enjoyed to help people. I began researching professions that would lead me in the direction of making a difference in this world. I came across massage therapy, and found that it was something that I really enjoyed doing. Flash forward to today, I’m working at Fountains, always pouring my passion into ever massage I do, because this is how I’ve chosen to make my impact on the world. Helping people feel their best is what I love about my career and I am so excited to see where this path leads me.



At Fountains, we offer a wide array of treatments, and I enjoy performing all of them, however some treatments are a little more meaningful to me than others. That being said, I love prenatal massages. I understand that all moms, and especially new moms, need that extra care! I know that the precious nine months that mothers’ are carrying can cause a lot of tension, usually in the lower back and hip area. I want to be there for those women to relieve as much tension, pain, and stress any mother-to-be may be experiencing. This treatment is particularly special to me because I hope to add fond memories to the women I see when they look back on their time being pregnant.


Another treatment that I is one of my favorites to give, is our Combination Massage. With this type of massage I can work out majority of the knots you may have, without causing much soreness during or after the massage. I begin my massages very slow and relaxing, this helps warm up the muscle tissue. Once they are warm, I then like to go into the muscles a little deeper. I incorporate stretches throughout my massages, because they help relieve any extra tension is leftover, after working in that specific area.



I am told that I have a very loving & healing touch. Most of my clients are always falling asleep on the table, which I take as a huge compliment. It warms my heart to know that I’m able to get them to their most relaxed state, which that is always my goal. I think of myself as a nurturing therapist who just wants make the world a happier place through massage.