Therapists’ Schedules

Services Performed and Schedules for Fountains Estheticians and Massage Therapists:



Suzanne – All Guinot Facials, Microdermabrasion, Waxing, Electrolysis, Tinting, Body wraps, and Reflexology

Suzanne’s Hours ▼

Suzanne’s Hours:

Tuesday 10am – 4pm
Wednesday 1pm – 8pm
Thursday 10am – 4pm
Friday 10am – 2pm
Saturday 9am -2pm

Suzanne’s Favorite Service: Reflexology

“When reflexology is given correctly it not only balances the physical body, giving a great sense of well being and relaxation, it can also help your emotional state as well. This is achieved by stimulating the reflexes found on the bottom of the feet which transfer, through electrical impulses, energy to different parts of the body (Meridians). For instance if you have a migraine headache it may not be possible to massage the head as it would be too sensitive to touch, but you could apply pressure to the big toe (the head meridian) and relieve pressure that way.

Reflexology can be received by anyone, though we do not suggest this service to pregnant women, as it can be too stimulating. Uutside of that it is a wonderful treatment to help the body heal itself and the frequency depends on the condition you are looking to heal. Come in and try a little bit of heaven and judge for yourself.” ~ Suzanne Olsen

Francis – All Guinot Facials, Microdermabrasion, Tinting, Reflexology, Hand & Foot treatments and Waxing (Excluding Bikini & Brazilians)

Francis’s Hours ▼

Francis’s Hours:

Wednesday 9am – 6pm
Thursday 12pm – 8pm
Friday 9am – 5pm
Saturday 9am -5pm
Sunday 11am – 6pm


Francis’ Favorite Service: Hydradermie Facial

“I often explain to new clients that two basic goals in any facial are to (1) infuse the skin with hydration, nutrients, and cellular stimulants, and (2) remove dead skin cells and impurities. In other words, put good things in — take bad things out. Two of the key features of the 55 minute Hydradermie are Galvanic Current and High Frequency Current, both of which very effectively achieve these goals.”
~ Francis Vergara

Erin– All Guinot Facials, Tinting, Reflexology, Hand & Foot treatments, Body Wraps, Body Polish and all waxing services

Erin’s Hours ▼

Erin’s Hours:

Monday 9am – 3pm
Tuesday 9am – 3pm
Wednesday 9am – 3pm
Saturday 9am -5pm


Erin’s Favorite Service: Liftosome Facial

“One of my favorite facials to perform is the Liftosome Facial. This pro-collagen infused facial is a great pick-me-up for all ages! Not only does it tighten and tone the face, it also brightens your complextion to give you an awesome glow! Even better, you can notice the changes after just one facial. I love to recommend this facial to someone who is getting ready for a special event or just needs a little something to make them feel better.

The facial starts out with an exfoliation. Once the dead skin cells are removed, a Pro-collagen concentrate in massaged into the skin. This concentrate is made up with stabilized vitamin C to restore the skins elasticity. The Pro-collagen is kept on the skin while a Thermolift mask is applied on top. This mask is amazing! It heats up on the skin to really help out with penetrating the pro-collagen deeper into the skin to get great results. The mask has a luxurious smell to it and can even be applied over the eyes and mouth for maxium lifting effects. Once the mask hardens, it is lifted off the face to reveal a tighter, toned and brightened skin. The Liftosome is finished with an Anti- Age serum the contains Biopeptides to firm and smooth the skin.” ~ Erin Bunty

Brittany – All Guinot Facials, Tinting, Hand & Foot treatments and all waxing services

Brittany’s Hours ▼

Brittany’s Hours:

Wednesday 1pm – 8pm
Thursday 9am – 4pm
Friday 1pm – 8pm
Saturday 10am -6pm
Sunday 11am – 6pm





Tiffany – Swedish, Combination, Deep Tissue/Sports Massage, Therapeutic, Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Aromatherapy, Bamboo Massage, Hot Poultice, Lymphatic Massage, Body Wraps, Body Polish and Stretching

Tiffany’s Hours ▼

Tiffany’s Hours:

Monday 9am – 4pm
Thursday 9am – 4pm
Friday 11am – 6pm
Saturday 9am – 5pm
Sunday 11am – 6pm


Tiffany’s Favorite Service: Combination Massage

“My favorite service to do is a combination massage. I generally prefer to do deeper massages as opposed to lighter massages and the combination massage gives me the green light to move past a Swedish massage. The combination massage is good because it allows me to warm the soft tissue with Swedish massage and then gradually go deeper if needed.

I recommend that a person receive a combination massage every three to four weeks. In extreme cases, I recommend twice a week for a few months, switching to once a month after that.

I try to incorporate some type of stretching in every massage that I do. It may be a very involved table Thai technique to stretch the hamstring group, or something as minor as a pectoralis stretch. So when people receive the combination massage they say they feel balanced and taller after the massage.

Lastly, because the combination massage gradually moves from Swedish to a deep massage, people enjoy it because they do not feel too sore afterwards. A lot of feedback is that they can tell that they have been worked on but it does not hurt.” ~ Tiffany Davidson

Amy – Swedish, Combination, Therapeutic, Couples Instruction and Aromatherapy

Amy’s Hours ▼

Amy’s Hours:

Monday 9am – 4pm
Thursday 9am – 4pm
Friday 9am – 4pm
Saturday 10am – 6pm
Sunday 11am – 6pm



Jessica – Swedish, Combination, Deep Tissue/Sports Massage, Therapeutic, Reflexology, Pregnancy Massage, Myofascial Release, Thai Stretching, Trigger Point Therapy, Couples Instruction, Hot Stone Massage, Lymphatic Massage, Aromatherapy, Body Wraps and Body Polish

Jessica’s Hours ▼

Jessica’s Hours:

Tuesday 11am – 6pm
Wednesday 1pm – 8pm
Thursday 1pm – 8pm
Friday 1pm – 8pm


Jessica’s Favorite Service: Harmony Massage

“I really enjoy the Harmony massage because it allows me to focus on clients needs in a more intuitive way. Listening to the body and reading the signs is an imperative technique in order to achieve relief and meet each client’s needs. This massage allows me to create a nice flow, where clients can let go and allow the healing process to take over through the mind-body connection.

Combing my positive energy, with muscle melting techniques are sure to relieve pain, reduce stress, improve muscle function, and enhance your overall sense of wellness. My goal is to facilitate each individual’s innate healing ability by way of massage. In order to accomplish this goal, I listen and observe carefully, respond with appropriate techniques, and encourage my clients to incorporate self-care routines into their lives.” ~ Jessica


Marjorie – Swedish, Combination, Deep Tissue/Sports Massage, Therapeutic, Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy, Bamboo Massage, Hot Poultice, Body Wraps and Body Polish

Marjorie’s Hours ▼

Marjorie’s Hours:


Monday 10:30am – 5:30pm
Saturday 10am – 6pm
Sunday 11am – 6pm




Lauretta – Swedish, Combination, Deep Tissue/Sports Massage, Therapeutic, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Body Wraps and Body Polish

Lauretta’s Hours ▼

Lauretta’s Hours:


Wednesday 1pm – 8pm
Thursday 1pm – 8pm
Frisday 1pm – 8pm






Fountains Day Spa Staff Schedules, serving clients in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Maryland & DC area. We offer facials, body treatments, massage & more.

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