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Brightening Mask

There are not too many products out there that exceed my expectations, because most of the time if I try something out my expectations are pretty high to begin with. But Guinot’s Instant Brighten Mask did just that. I was given a single mask by a Guinot representative to try out and review. At first I was not super excited about trying out this mask, as I have little issues when comes to pigmentation. I was excited however that this was the first sheet mask I had heard of by Guinot.

When I first put the mask on the sheet itself was quite thick and dense, and completely saturated with the brightening serum. I found the instructions for how to put it on easy to follow and I appreciated that they included little flaps to put over your eyes, should you want to lay down and rest whilst you were masking.

While on I moved around quite a bit and the mask stayed in place rather well, however that being said I wouldn’t suggest doing too much movement as there was a little slippage with the walking around I did while wearing the mask.

When I was ready to take of the mask, I simply peeled it off of my skin. Per the instructions once you take the mask off, you are to massage any remaining amount of serum into your skin, DO NOT WIPE IT OFF! As I was doing this I was completely blown away with how my skin looked. I looked as if I had just had an extremely hydrating facial. My skin was soft, plump and slightly tacky (which I like). As I mentioned before I don’t have an issue with hyper pigmentation, however I do notice that I have some redness in my cheek area, nothing that bothers me much, but after the mask I could see the redness had disappeared.

A tip that I do when I use this mask is I cut the packet at the very top, and when I’m finished with the mask I fold it up and slip it back into the packet. I’ve noticed that the packet still has a bit of serum in it and the mask itself is still pretty saturated with it as well. I think use a paper clip to seal up the packet and put it in the fridge. The active ingredients will still be potent for the next few days, so I use the mask again as a quick pick-me-up a few days later. Of course the mask won’t have the punch as it did the first time, but a girl on a budget has to cut corners somewhere 😉