Treatment Spotlight: Acti-Sea Body Wrap




Treatment Spotlight: Acti-Sea Body Wrap

Ideal Client: Anyone

Guest Blogger: Sha Sumbatyan




I think that this service is one of the most beneficial services that we offer at Fountains Day Spa, because it just makes you feel good, and the results are immediate.


This wrap contains a potent mix of five French seaweeds including, Laminaria, Fucus, Ulva Lactuca, Spirulina and Sea Rocket submerging the body in pure marine actives to stimulate, firm and moisturize the skin of the body. The mud contains ingredients which offer vitamins, iron, iodine, amino acids, lecithin, essential fatty acids, and mucilage, aiding in the overall detoxification. These ingredients work to stimulate the thyroid, promote decongestion and waste elimination, improving skin smoothness, re-balanced, restores proper hydration, and prevents future skin damage by fighting free radicals.


After having this treatment your joints and skin feel dramatically different. The seaweed removes toxins from your body, which leaves you feeling rejuvenated and your skin looking amazing! I recommend having this on a regular basis if you are looking to begin a healthy routine. I personally have this service done once a month, and I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in my energy level.  Others may need to have this treatment done more frequently depending on activity level and personal goals.


I see many of my clients who have recognized the benefits of this treatment, and continually come back to have it done. I also see clients getting this wrap before going on a vacation, before military weight ins, and after a rigorous workout routine that has left them feeling achy and sore.





Treatment Spotlight: Pregnancy Massage




Treatment Spotlight: Pregnancy Massage

Ideal Client: Pregnant Women

Guest Blogger: Amy Vrouhas




Dealing with stress, and back pain? Are you caring for two human beings at the same time? If so, I understand that things can become overwhelming during this time, as well as uncomfortable! When you’re a mother to be, you want to take care of yourself and the baby as much as possible. Pregnancy massage is one natural ways to make sure that you’re caring for your baby, by taking care of yourself!


During many pregnancies, pain occurs in areas that you probably haven’t felt before. I hear from many clients about their back pain is unlike anything they’ve experienced before. Pregnancy Massage incorporates Swedish massage techniques with some modified positions, to help keep the Mother to be comfortable. Pregnancy Massage will aid in relieving back pain, leg cramps, as well as headaches. Pregnancy Massage can also help enhance sleep, reduce Edema (swelling), balance out hormone levels, and it can even encourage child labor, towards the end of pregnancy.


Ultimately, if you are pregnant and haven’t received a pregnancy massage — you should do so, and begin to feel the relief!


Please Note: Fountains Day Spa will preform Pregnancy Massages on women in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters only.



Treatment Spotlight: Harmony Massage





Treatment Spotlight: Harmony Massage

Ideal Client: Anyone

Guest Blogger: Jennifer Flynn





A Harmony massage is unlike any other massage that we offer at the spa.  It allows your therapist to integrate their personal specialties to fully customize each session according to the clients’ specific needs. This may include blending various modalities such as energy work, reflexology, intuitive bodywork, stretching, or other techniques.


Harmony Massage


By utilizing different methods, the Massage Therapist can help assess what would benefit the client most and deliver a more holistic and beneficial treatment. The Harmony massage incorporates elements that can balance the body, mind, and spirit. I find that when a client is able to fully relax and really let go of their tension and stress, they can expect to feel a sense of peace or rejuvenation, following the treatment. I have had many clients describe their experience as feeling complete or having a serene nature.


This service can be done anytime and gives the freedom to create a comfortable space for healing to take place.  The Harmony Massage is highly recommended for anyone looking to enhance their overall sense of well being through both physical and energetic means.




Treatment Spotlight: Swedish Massage


Swedish Massage

Ideal Client: Someone looking to relax, or de-stress

Guest Blogger: Marcia Lindsey


Swedish Massage


I love giving my clients a Swedish Massage when they tell me that they need to relax and unwind.  I also recommend this massage to anyone who is new to massage.  The Swedish Massage using the technique of effleurage, which is a light stroking technique.  This movement promotes the body to release toxins, restore muscle tissue, and increases blood circulation. Doesn’t that sound relaxing and healthy?



Also to keep the benefits of the Swedish Massage coming, I recommend to my clients that they return every 2-3 weeks.  I like to compare massages to working out, if you only do it once in a while you are not going to get lasting results.  If you have any further questions or any concerns, please stop by for a massage and I would be happy to do an in-depth consultation with you.



Stay happy and healthy!



Unsure of what to expect when you receive a massage? We have a video that will answer that question and have you ready for your next massage. Just click the image below.



Guinot Lait Hydra Bronze



Guinot Hydra Bronze

Ideal Skin Type: All Skins

Guest Blogger: Erin Ryan


Growing up, I was a huge sun bather, I just couldn’t get enough!  The darker I got, the more sun I would crave! Summer days were spent laying at the beach or pool for many hours, trying to achieve the perfect bronzed body.   Now that I am educated on what those extended days in the sun actually did to my skin, I’ve looked for other, safer ways to achieve the same summer glow without the risk.  This is why, when Guinot introduced their Lait Hydra Bronze moisturizer, I knew I had to try it!  I have tried so many creams claiming to give a natural looking tan.  I have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to self-tanners.  But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t try one more!


15% off Guinot Lait Hydra Bronze May 27th – June 2nd

Guinot’s Hydra Bronze is unlike any other cream I’ve tried before.  It also applies evenly every time, and I have yet to see any streaks or unnatural looking pigments.  The cream itself is white, which means it won’t rub off on your clothes or sheets.  The color develops into a soft brown, so there will be no orange in sight! What really surprised me was that this cream doesn’t just tan your skin, it’s also moisturizing it too!  I was amazed at how hydrated my skin felt after applying the cream.  There wasn’t any need for body lotion!  Also Lait Hydra Bronze was created to be used on both the face and body. The main ingredients in the Lait Hydra Bronze is DHA and Erythrulose,which is what gives the skin a tan pigmentation that intensifies with continued use. It also contains a Hydrocyte Complex.  This is what gives your skin all the hydration it’s going to need.



How To Use For Best Results: 

To get the most out of this product, I would recommend exfoliating your skin beforehand.  Removing the dead skin cells on your body will result in a more natural-looking and longer-lasting tan.  Use Lait Hydra Bronze right after getting out of the shower and drying off with a towel. Your skin can soak up all of the hydration that this cream provides. When applying it to your face, blend the cream down your neck and onto your decollete; this will give you a more natural look. This cream can be used several times a week to maintain or increase the desired level of color.  It is important to remember that this cream is not a sun protectant, you will still need to use an SPF if you plan to be out in the sun.








Your body has been fighting off aging for years, long before the actual signs begin to appear. The old saying is completely true, “you are what you eat” so why not start eating healthy? The sooner you get on board with a wholesome, balanced diet, the sooner your entire body will repay you with a boost of energy, strength and especially a more youthful appearance, keeping blemishes and wrinkles at bay!



Make Water Work For You


My next advice is to drink water, water, and more water. It’s been said to you time and time again, because it’s so simple and it can give you such great results. I suggest to my clients that they begin their mornings with a glass of room temperature water. Cold water requires energy from your body in order to heat it, resulting in loss of energy and water retention. It’s even better if you add fresh squeezed lemon juice (about a quarter of a lemon) to your water, followed by a second glass of plain water. This will do amazing things for your metabolism, in other words you will start to eliminate waste from your body faster.



Balance Alkaline vs. Acidic Foods


While what you apply to your skin is very important, what you put in your body is equally as important. Some skin conditions are genetic therefore we have little control over those results, however this is where your diet comes into play. A diet rich in alkaline foods, such as green leafy vegetables and fruits like apples, pears and bananas are essential. The more color on your plate the better your chances are of a long healthy, youthful life. I think we have just made our lives too complicated. Remember beige-colored foods (acidic grains), such as, white bread and pasta are generally not so good for our skin or bodies. It’s ideal to consume foods on a ratio of 3 alkaline foods for every 1 acidic food.


Our bodies need a balance between alkaline and acidic foods to maintain healthy digestion, organs and cells. Proteins are important building blocks, with the right amount of protein on board your cells, hair and nails grow stronger. Your enemy is refined sugar, sodas, alcohol, white flour and too much caffeine. Refined sugar and processed foods attack proteins, including collagen. These highly processed foods are acids so in other words, provide little to no nutrient benefits to your body.


I cannot express enough the importance of a balanced, nutrient-rich diet. It really will make the world of difference to your health and well being, as well as your physic.



Essential Oils Have More Power Than You Think


For my final piece of advice and this I take very seriously; The more we remove ourselves from nature the more problems we create for nature. With this being one of the worst flu seasons to date we should be looking at surrounding ourselves with natural essential oils. For instance tea tree or lavender are natural oils, not man-made and have the ability to protect us from infections without causing side effects as many chemical disinfectants do. I carry anatomizes filled with water and up to 15 drops of an essential oil. I spray my face and hands continually throughout the day. Doing this not only protects me from infections, but in these cold winter months with no humidity, my face gets a spritz of hydration.


If in doubt as to what oil (look for only natural essential oils) to use, or where to find them, please feel free to call us at Fountains and we will be happy to advise you.




The Power of Reflexology

Reflexology is said to have originated in Tibet thousand of years ago, and has been passed down through the ages as a tried and true therapy for the well being of both the mind and physical body.

My History with Reflexology

I credit reflexology as being the one therapy which started my passion for healing at the mere age of 5.  My mother who was pregnant with my younger sister was experiencing swollen feet and legs, and would ask me to rub her feet. I quickly realized how relaxed she became, and from that time on I became “the masseuse” of our family. Of course at that young age I did not know how I was achieving these results, I just knew I was making a difference to the members of my family.


Fast forward to my graduating Beauty Therapy College in London and meeting and working for Eve Taylor OBE (Officer of the British Empire). She was one of Britain’s leading healers and Beauty Therapists. Eve took me under her wing and introduced me to Reflexology. Now I could finally understand how the feet were a map to the entire body, and what specific areas I should focus on when I needed to achieve particular results.


The Basics of Reflexology


The foot is laid out in the same way that the body is; e.g. on the top of the foot is the big toe, which represents the head. The toes are the sinuses; the top-side of the foot represents the chest; the balls of the feet, are the lungs, etc. For every internal body system there is a corresponding point on the feet, and this is how the magic begins!


Reflexology is a specialized form of hand to foot massage that is exceptionally effective in delivering great benefits throughout the whole body. It is based on a complete network of reflex points, which stimulate all the internal systems of the body. Pressure is applied to reflex points and energy is then released through electrical impulses, created by massage. The electrical charges follow the nerve pathways to the area in the body being worked on, enabling the organ or tissue to maintain good health. I like to compare this process to pushing a button to turn on a light; once you push the button down, the current is activated and flows along the electrical line, causing the light to come on. If there is damage or a break in the pathway caused by a build up of toxins, damaged tissues, or loss of oxygen the application of reflexology can assist in the aiding this problem, and in many cases can alleviate the pain all together.


In my family we have always relied on the power of reflexology to ease an upset stomach, headaches, cramping, constipation, sciatic pain and many more conditions.


Introducing Reflexology Instruction at The Fountains


I believe so much in the power of this therapy that I have decided to offer a couples reflexology instructional training at The Fountains.  Although this is being called a “couples” instruction, I encourage anyone who wants to learn more about reflexology to come in with a friend or family member, and learn how you can use reflexology in your life.


Over the years we have helped many people ease through the birthing experience, endometriosis, migraines, and many more conditions with reflexology. Our therapist’s are trained and extremely knowledgeable. An instructional training takes 80 minutes of your time, and we show you how to bring about peace and relaxation, as well as give you the tools you need to assist in achieving overall better health. In today’s world, it is so easy to get a pill for any and every condition that we have learned to expect healing to come along with a long list of side effects.  With reflexology there are no additional side effects, this therapy is simply safe and very effective on anyone who receives it.

How to achieve glowing, Summer ready legs

Now it’s May the weather is getting warmer out, and its time to break out those shorts hemlines, and show off those lovely legs of yours! What’s that?  Your legs aren’t ready to see the light of day?   Well this month we are offering some of our personal tips on how to get you glowing, Summer ready legs.

Step 1

The first step is exfoliation. I recommend using Biotone Micronized Beads, this product is easy to use in the shower or bath, and comes in many exciting aromas. A good scrub will slough away dead skin cells, leaving the body, legs and arms glowing and polished. Your skin will feel amazingly soft. I recommend during the summer months to do a full body scrub every seven days, and more frequently on the areas that tend to get dryer quicker, such as the elbows, knees, and feet.

Step 2

The next step for beautiful legs is to moisturize at least twice a day, once in the morning after bathing, and then again in the evening.  Biotone also offers amazing body butters in array of scents; Milk & Honey is one of my personal favorites. Moisturizing is very important to maintaining the skins youthful soft glow.  Every time you use soap on your skin you are stripping tiny water lipids away, leaving the skin parched and increases the ageing process.

Suggested Spa Treatment

If you are looking for a professional approach to glowing summer legs, The Fountains offers a spa Body Polish treatment.  This is very popular during this time of the year. You start off with receiving a full body scrub given by one of our massage therapists, using a Biotone scrub. Once your body has been fully exfoliated you will head to the shower to rinse off the product along with your dead skin, revealing a new supple layer of skin.  At this point your therapist will lead you back to your room, where they will apply a thick layer of Biotone body butter, sealing in moisture and delivering a nice healthy glow.

Step 3

To take your legs to the next step of being summer-ready I would recommend introducing yourself to sunless tanning. It is a great way to maintain that healthy sun-kissed tan without damaging your skin. By exfoliating your skin prior to applying a tanning product makes it almost impossible to leave streaks.  Guinot offers a wonderful sunless tanning lotion for both the face and the body.  Generally a sun-less tan will last you roughly a week. To ensure that you receive a long lasting tan, it’s recommended to keep up with moisturizing your skin on a daily basis.   As long as your skin is moist and exfoliated you can be assured of a perfect sunless tan.

Have fun showing off your beautiful legs this summer, and get ready for the all the compliments you will receive!

Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils are amazing and powerful gift given to us by Mother Nature.  Those of you who know me, know how passionate I am about plants and nature. They are all around us, and yet we pay so little attention to them. This is why a day spent outside perk up your mood, we are out in nature, breathing in their molecules and absorbing their essences. There are 2 ways that essential oils work, through inhalation, and topical application.


How To Use Essential Oils

Topical application is one of the most effective methods of using essential oils.  When the oils are applied to the skin, they are absorbed into the blood stream, and dispersed throughout the tissues in about 15-20 minutes.


Inhalation is also an extremely effective way to therapeutically deliver essential oils into the body. The fragrance of an essential oil can have a direct influence on both mind and body, effecting emotional balance and energy levels. It is also believed that the inhalation of an essential oil can also enhance the body’s electrical frequency which can have a direct impact on diseases. Disease and emotional trauma create a negative frequency, which can be calmed down by the use of essential oils.


There are so many essential oils to choose from, so where do we begin. My recommendation is to choose oils that conjure up fond memories for you. When inhaling them, you can return to that happy place.  For me an oil that I love is Tubular Rose, it reminds me of Hawaii, and when I smell it I feel like I am there again!


Here are some of my recommendations:


Detoxing Oils

  • Eucalyptus

It is antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral, anti inflammatory and decongestant in nature which makes it a good ingredient for treating respiratory problems.

  • Sage

This is a powerful oil, used to balance estrogen, as well as detoxing the cells in the body.

  • Geranium

This oil stimulates the liver and kidneys. It also helps the immune system and promotes blood circulation.

  • Juniper

Helps to increase the circulation to the kidneys and stimulates the removal of uric acid.


Calming Oils

  • Lavender

I like to call this one of god’s gifts to mankind. It has so many beneficial effects. It is most known for its calming and balancing effects both physically and emotionally.

  • Lemongrass

This is an aromatic oil that works well with calming emotions, in particular anxiety, stress and depression.

  • Chamomile

A good oil to have on hand when sleep eludes you. A few drops placed on the chest enables a good night sleep. It can also be used for stress and to aid the nervous tension.

  • Sandalwood

This oil helps with rest and relaxation after a hard day. Instead of reaching for that glass of wine, place a few drops of sandalwood on the chest and inhale, it will do the trick. It also removes negative programming from the cells.

Treatment Idea

The Fountains offers Raindrop Therapy, a treatment using the most powerful essential oils. It integrates 9 single essential oils to bring the body into structural and electrical alignment. This technique uses a sequence of highly antimicrobial essential oils designed to reduce inflammation and destroy the viral agents responsible for it.

The oils used are Thyme, Oregano, Birch, Cypress, Basil, Peppermint and Marjoram. These oils are dispensed like little drops of rain above the back and down the vertebrae. The oils continue to work for 5-7 days following treatment. This is an ideal treatment for anyone wanting a sense of general well being.


What To Know Before You Begin Your Own Collection

I do not recommend mixing more than three oils together at a time, as they are powerful and sometimes can have a negative effect if too many are used at once.


Start your collection with familiar scents, ones that bring up good memories. As you become more comfortable with using them expand your horizon, they are out there just waiting to help.


It’s important to know that when you purchase any essential oil you are getting them from a reliable source (pure essential oils).  Some suppliers sell synthetic oils (often found in kiosks in the mall).


Plants and their properties are here to help us to live healthier, happier lives, so take the plunge and start putting them into your daily life.

5 Simple Steps To A More Balanced Body

The Chinese New year came shortly after ours which in my estimate has made our winter seem all the shorter and by far less severe.  Nevertheless it is still winter and so many of you have the notion of getting back into exercising when it gets warmer out. With that thought in mind I encourage you all to jump start our exercise routines, and give our mind and body a boost. This can be accomplished first thing in the morning in bed before your feet even touch the floor, and it will take you less than 10 minutes. It is amazing how going the extra mile and doing something for yourself really helps your physic.

Full Body Stretch

Always start your day once you are fully awake by fully expanding your lungs and taking deep breaths. This can be done while you are still lying down. Take three deep breaths first then still lying flat on your back raise your arms up over your head as far as you can reach them stretching arms up and extending your feet down, feel your spine extend, hold this stretch and breathe deeply three times.

Upward Stretch

Next still on the bed, bring yourself to the sitting position with knees bent, raise your arms high above your head with palms facing upwards fingers interlocked.  Feel your rib cage expand and the spine awaken as you stretch, elongating your spine, filling your lungs with air.  Hold this stretch to the count of 10.  Exhale and as doing so lean slightly to the right, still holding the stretch, then back to center, then repeat the stretch on the left side, than return to center.  Repeat 2 more times.

Neck and Shoulder Stretch

Still sitting on the bed, inhale deeply, filling your lungs with air, this helps to relax tense muscles.  With arms by your side for support gently stretch your head to the right (keeping shoulders level).  Hold for a count of 5 as you inhale in, exhale and return to center. Repeat this stretch on the left side. These movements should be repeated three times each side.

Spine Twist

Lying flat on your back, bring your knees up so they are bent.  Turn your head to the right and at the same time turn your knees to the left, this really helps to stretch your lower-back. Remember to breathe slowly and deeply, hold for 30 seconds. Repeat on the opposite side 3 times each side.

Stretching Hamstrings (waking up the legs)

Lying flat on your back, raise right leg straight up (so your right leg is at a 90 degree angle from your left leg) pull gently towards your body, until you feel the stretch.  Hold this position while rotating ankle, then release, repeat this stretch with left leg.

These simple stretches only take a few minutes of your time and are invaluable to you both physically and mentally. Starting your day with an abundance of oxygen give’s you a new lease on life and the courage to accomplish all the daily tasks that you’re facing that day. This is a simple gift to you that’s well worth the time.