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Démaquillant Express Yeux

Guinot Démaquillant Express Yeux
Eye Makeup Remover





Guinot has just launch a brand new eye-makeup remover, Demaquillant Express Yeux. This eye-makeup remover removes all types of make-up from eye shadow to eyeline, even waterproof makeup, both thoroughly and quickly. This efficient eye make-up remover has been designed for the delicate and sometimes sensitive skin around the eye area, removing eye make-up instanty.


This remover uses a two phase cleaning approach – one part oil and one part water. When shaken, the product creates a mixture with strong cleansing properties. The oil effectively removes all eye makeup and the water portion breaks down make-up and helps the make-up remover to evaporate so that it doesn’t leave a greasy film around the eyes. It is also fragrance-free and paraben-free, making it perfectly suited for even the most sensitive eyes as well as contact lens wearers.




Treatment Product


This product is not only a makeup remover, it’s a treatment product. It contains ingredient, specifically included to improve the condition of the eye, while stripping it of makeup. There are four ingredients that are extremely beneficial:


Allantoin – softens, repairs and soothes the skin.


Cornflower extract – helps detoxify the eye contour and soften the skin


Eyeliss – reduces puffy eyes and combats tissue slackening.


Chamomile – Calm the eye area




How To Use Guinot Demaquillant Express Yeux – Eye Make-up Remover


Shake first, to mix the two phases together. Apply to dry cotton pads, use two separate cotton pads, one for each eye. Gently hold cotton pad over the entire eye (from lashes to brows) for 10-30 seconds then sweep downward, removing all eye makeup.


GUINOT – Demaquillant Express Yues – Eye Makeup Remover (100mL) – $35