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Product of the Week: Guinot Douceur De Vie



Featured Product: Douceur De Vie

Ideal Skin Type: Skin exposed to the sun

Guest Blogger: Erin Ryan




It’s that time of year again! With the warm weather on its way, we all tend to spend more time outside and in the sun. The sun has so many great qualities; it produces vitamin D which can do wonders for your mood and energy as well as bone growth. However, along with all of it’s great benefits, it’s also important to remember that the Sun can do some serious damage to our skin.  I would never advise anyone to not enjoy a nice sunny day but it is important to protect your skin, when it’s exposed to the sun.   The sun produces harmful rays, and free radicals that break down the skin’s structural support. With all these sunny days ahead of us, I’ve decided to feature Guinot’s Douceur De Vie face cream as my product for the week.



This should be everyone’s go-to cream for skin defense this spring, and summer. Not only does it contain an SPF 15 to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays, but it also has Vitamin E, which acts as an anti-free radical and antioxidant. Vitamin E is also great for keeping your skin moisturized. Have sensitive skin? This cream is perfect for sensitive skin types due to its de-stressing essential oils; lemon, chamomile and lavender. These oils will help calm down redness and irritation in the skin. The essential oils are not only beneficial to your skin but they also make for a great smelling cream!  With its light blue color, Douceur De Vie is perfect for apply under makeup to conceal any redness.


Lastly, Douceur De Vie contains Guinot’s Cellular Life Complex. This complex contains 56 active ingredients, that helps rebuild the skin’s ability to regenerate cells, making is a wonderful cream for anti-aging, as well as healing the skin after sunburns or acne scars. This is an excellent addition to any skincare regimen!