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March Special

Guinot's Eye Lift Treatment

There is good news, because we now have the ultimate eye treatment that can help reverse the signs of aging in your eyes, and set you back in time.
Guinot’s eye lift treatment is a powerful 40-minute treatment, which focuses entirely on the eye area and gives you immediate results.
In just one treatment, you will notice the crows feet have been minimized, the eyelids have been lifted, puffiness and dark circles will fade away.
As a result of the gentle, yet effective micro-current combined with ATP active life cellular complex and pro-oxygen, the treatment penetrates
deeper into the cells than any other treatment available today. A relaxing massage on the area around the eye contour takes place after the gel has been absorbed by the skin. A combination of this massage technique and the age logic massage serum works together to tonify, lift, and boost the
microcirculation underneath the skin, and reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.
The next step is the use of a micro current to stimulate the muscles to bring back your younger appearance and to gently stimulate the muscle fibers
to restore your younger appearance. Lastly, Guinot’s eye mask soaked in all of the rich, nourishing restorative serum concentrates is
applied onto the eye contour area, providing a protective layer of all of the ingredients, for a younger, more vibrant appearance.
**Add on our Esthemax Mask during your Eye Mask for an all over glow!**

Skin Care Programs
Each program consists of four treatments over the course of six weeks, as well as recommendations for home care.
There is no doubt that it takes time and dedication to see the changes and benefits of a healthy lifestyle change.
During your consultation with your aesthetician, you will be able to determine the treatment
plan that best suits your needs. Consider us to be your personal trainer for your skin – we will help you achieve optimal results!

In order to get the best results from the Youthful Eyes Program, your Esthetician will recommend products for use at home.
Your skincare program will include 15% off Guinot products the day you purchase it and will also receive
10% off Guinot products for the duration of the 6-week program.
March Special – Guinot’s Eye Lift
Eye Lift Treatment
$98.00 normally $122.00 (40 Minutes)
Eye Lift with Esthemax Mask Treatment
$122.00 normally $152.00 (50 Minutes)
March Special: Youthful Eye Program:
Youthful Eyes Program:
Four(4) Eye Lift Treatment
$366.00 normally 488.00 (40 Minutes)
Youthful Eyes with Esthemax Program:
Four(4) Eye Lift with Esthemax Mask Treatment
$456.00 normally $608.00 (50 Minutes)

This March Special Program is intended for one (1) person and requires that the participant use and complete all 4 treatments over the course of a 6-week period. The 6-week period will begin on the date of purchase.


March Specials are good thru March 1st 2023 – March 31st 2023.
March Special Programs must be purchased between Wednesday. March 1st 2023 – Friday, March 31st 2023 and must be completed within six(6) weeks from purchase date. March Special Programs treatments must be completed by Friday, May 12th 2023.

Discounted Gift certificates (including Spafinder Certificates) cannot be used to purchase these March Special, nor are these specials eligible to be purchased as a discounted gift certificate, as they are already discounted. Series are designed for one recipient, and cannot be split up between multiple recipients
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