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Treatment Spotlight: Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting




Treatment Spotlight: Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting

Ideal Client:Everyone

Guest Blogger: Nikki Clark



I am someone who is personally interested in makeup and beauty, which would only make sense that my absolute favorite service to offer is the lash and brow tinting.

Tinting not only does this provides instant gratification and stunning results, it gives you that little extra flair without effecting your daily beauty routine, in fact this can cut down on your usual morning “get ready” time.


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In about 30 minutes we can provide deeper colors to your lashes and brows. Tinting provides your brows a more defined, well-groomed look.  They will appear slightly thicker, which give a more youthful appearance.


Many clients with blonde or light colored lashes/brow hair, instantly notice the difference once the service is complete. It truly highlights the eyes and makes them pop!  I find that a lot of people have lashes where their natural color has faded on the ends of the lashes.  By applying the tint, the lashes instantly appear longer.  Also tinting helps lashes to appear fuller, since they do what most mascaras cant, the color begins right at the base of the lashes, as opposed to half way up the lash.  Just put your mascara back in your makeup bag, because you won’t need for a while!


Have sensitive eyes? That’s ok, our eyelash and eyebrow dye is formulated from vegetable-base  as well as other natural ingredients, insuring your safety while providing long-lasting results.


This service is becoming increasingly popular by everyone who tries it once! Give it a shot and see the dramatic difference.


TIP: You want to avoid oil-based moisturizers, cleansers, and/or wipes. They will breakdown the component of the tint, and it will fade faster.