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Three New FHF Body Wrap Treatments


Fountains Day Spa is excited to announce that we are bringing on an amazing body care line to enhance our body wrap and massage treatments, that you will fall in love with!


FarmHouse Fresh is a Texas-based company with scrumptious products crafted around delicious food and drinks. FHF ensures that each of their formulas is 89-99.6% natural, many of them being vegan and gluten free. They take pride in using natural and naturally derived ingredients, chock-full of fruits, vegetables, milks, and other ingredients from farms across the U.S., including a farm of their own. FarmHouse Fresh evokes a sense of warmth and nostalgia with their body treatments. Always paraben- and sulfate-free, their charming concoctions will bring a smile to your face and promote healthy, radiant skin.


Fountains has put together three amazing FarmHouse Fresh Body Wrap Services to ensure you get to experience all that these wonderful products have to offer! Make sure to book your FarmHouse Body Wrap experience today, your skin will thank you for it!


Listed below are our new FarmHouse Fresh Body Wrap services, be sure to read about each one so that you can book the wrap that is just right for you and your skin.




Chocolate Lover’s Revitalizing Body Wrap


This treatment begins with a sweetly-noted, fine-grain scrub, to buff away dead skin cells and roughness. The body is then painted with a warmed creamy organic chocolate masque, that is loaded with nourishing ingredients such as coconut milk, cocoa,vitamins and CoQ10, a powerful antioxidant. Next you are gently cocooned into a warm wrap to allow all the active ingredients of the masque to penetrate and work their magic. While you’re wrapped, up experience a relaxing head or foot massage.
After the masque is removed a final application is performed with a deliciously-scented Shea butter, leaving you feeling ultra hydrated and protected from the outside elements.




Mighty Tighty Body Wrap


After a gentle scrub, a deliciously scented mask crafted with real banana and turmeric extract is painted on. This mask really packs a punch with pro-vitamin A, to noticeably firm skin and erase the look of fine line on your arms leg chest and back.
You are cocooned in warm blankets so the body can absorb the active ingredients of the mask. While wrapped, float away, listening to relaxing music under low lights with either a head or foot massage. Once the mask is removed a light application of a rich Shea Butter is applied to keep all the goodness in.




Healing Greens Body Wrap


This superpower spa wrap treatment is of the highest hydrating ingredients!! We invigorate the skin by applying a body polish packed with vitamin E to dry skin to remove all traces of rough, lackluster, dead cells.


Now as you become more relaxed as your body is painted with a creamy Avocado butter Mask, which locks in moisture and deeply nourishes the skin. You’re then wrapped up to secure that the active ingredients can work their magic and penetrate deeper into the skin, leaving it ultra-hydrated and with a more youthful glow. While cocooned in antioxidant bliss, enjoy either a head, or relaxing foot massage. After removing the mask you’ll receive a generous application of shea butter to lock in hydration, emerging totally relaxed with new more youthful skin.



All three of these Wraps are now available.

Length of Service: 80-Minutes

Cost: $167





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