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Greetings, from all

of us at Fountains,

we miss you. 


In this difficult time, as I’m working on a new ever-changing normal, I realize that this would be the time of year that we would receive calls from our clients as to what to do next with their skin, as spring approaches. Before I go into that I want to reiterate that, we may not be open for services at The Fountains, but we are still manning the phones and can certainly help you with your skincare questions or concerns.


I have a couples of rules that I feel should not be ignored in our fight against premature aging:


1) Never forget to wash your face.

I recommend twice a day, although I find that many of my clients prefer only once a day. In that case make it at night time. The reason for this is that is at night while you are at rest, your body is repairing, recharging, and getting ready for the new day. Therefore your clean skin and night cream have the ability to work their magic. If the grime and dirt that your skin attracts during the day is not washed off, your skin will suffer, and aging is accelerated.


2) Never go without protection day cream and/or Night cream.
Each cream has their own function, and as stated they protect the skin from the environment (wind, summer sun, heat, air conditioning and winter). There are so many facial products on the market it cam be so confusing as to what’s right to you. A day cream is generally lighter and hydrates the skins surface, a night cream is generally heavier in texture and works on supporting the elasticity of your skin there fore penetrating deeper.
My recommendation for home care (when having regular facials is not possible)
My most favorite product to exfoliant with is Gommage Biologique. This is a gentle exfoliating gel, which turns into an oil as it lifts the dead cells. It’s easily removed with damp cotton pads, and I strongly suggest following it with a mask. I prefer Masque Essential Nutri Confort. Leave the mask on between 10-20 minutes. This combination will have your skin, looking and feeling radiant.


Wishing you all the best of health and courage to get us through this time.


We miss you all,
Suzanne and Co