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Hand and Foot Treatments

Don’t forget your hands and feet!

Give these often tired and overworked areas some well deserved pampering. The services we offer include reflexology, hand and foot exfoliation, sole relaxation, and foot and leg therapy. These are a great spa treatment for runners or anyone with sore aching feet or hands.

Hand and Foot Treatment Menu

$68 - $137

Exfoliates dead, dull surface cells. Gentle, Your history is held in your feet. Using an ancient Chinese art for this relaxing treatment, we analyze and read the feet providing stimulation to key pressure points. The result is a restored body balance and an overall state of well-being.
- 25 Minutes – $68
- 50 Minutes – $137

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Sole Relaxation Foot Massage

First feet are wrapped in hot steamed towels, soaked in essential oil of peppermint to stimulate and sooth while applying pressure to points on the feet, relaxing the entire body. A massage follows on feet and lower legs using rich creams to soften and sooth. A little piece of heaven!
- 25 Minutes - $60

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Hand & Foot Exfoliation with Massage

This treatment includes a gentle exfoliation of dead cells using micro buffing beads to remove dead lifeless skin. Warm towels are used to remove the beads leaving the skin silky soft and ready for a light massage of luxurious body butter.
- 25 Minutes - $65

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