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Calm & Bright - 155 Minutes

This body wrap will give your skin all the moisture it needs this holiday season. Enhanced with the soothing scent of Eucalyptus, which revitalizes tired skin and muscles, boosts relaxation, and eases nervous tension. This is followed by our Eucalyptus Sole Relaxation foot massage. Using hot steamed towels soaked in Eucalyptus essential oil, pressure is applied to points on the feet at the same time as eucalyptus essential oil stimulates and soothes the muscles.
This is followed by our Detoxygen Facial. This treatment is designed to clarify and refine skin and draw out impurities like a “pollution magnet” while reoxygenating massage stimulates circulation to aid in flushing environmental pollutants.
Package Includes:
*80 Minute Eucalyptus Luxe Body Wrap
*50 Minute Detoxygen Facial
*25 Minute Eucalyptus Sole relaxation
Full time needed to complete package: 155 Minutes
Special Price $402.30 (Normally $447.00)

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Pure Bliss - 100 Minutes

We have put together our two most popular treatments into one great package. Begin with a full body Combination massage designed to relax and de-stress, while working out knots and trouble spots. Next, our flagship Hydradermie facial will replenish and restore your skin after it’s taken a beating from the cold weather outside. Your esthetician will pay special attention to boost your skin’s natural defenses while strengthening and hydrating the surface.

Package Includes:
*50 Minute Combination Massage
*50 Minute Hydradermie Facial
Full time needed to complete package: 100 Minutes
Special Price $248.40 (Normally $276.00)

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Package: Let it Glow -

Relax deeply with a massage utilizing long flowing strokes to improve circulation and enhance relaxation. Smooth, heated stones are used throughout the massage on key tension points. Together with the pressure of the massage strokes, hot stones transmit soothing heat that loosens and melts stiff muscles, releases stress, and creates a feeling of well-being, balance, and wholeness. This is followed by our New Guinot Hydra Summum facial and Guinot Neck lift treatment. A powerful moisturizer and wrinkle filler, Hyaluronic Acid is the main ingredient in this ultimate hydrating facial. Through energetic movements, the first part decongests skin tissue, while the second restores density and radiance. These two treatments together create a firmer skin tone through muscle stimulation for both the neck and chin area. The skin appears plumped, smooth, and moisturized immediately after application.
Package Includes:
*50 Minute Swedish Massage with Hot Stone Add on
*50 Minute Hydra Summum Facial
*25 Minute Neck Lift
Full time needed to complete package: 125 Minutes
Special Price $370.80 (Normally $412)

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Twelve Months of Pampering

There may be twelve months in a year, but there is only one you, with one face and one body. What does that mean? That means that it is up to you to take care of your one face, and your one body during all twelve months of the year. As an end of the year special we are offering a series of twelve (12) Hydradermie Facials and/or twelve (12) 50-Minute Combination Massages, at a discounted rate. Simply giving yourself a reason, each month, to take care of yourself. Lastly, although this series is intended for you to treat yourself for the next 12 months, should you be unable to complete all 12 sessions, they will roll over to the next year for you to redeem them. This series special is also available for you to purchase as a gift to someone else if you would prefer.

Package Includes:
- 12 Hydradermie Facials
Special Price $1550.40 (Normally $1824.00)

Purchase Twelve 50-Minute Hydradermie Facial Series

Package Includes:
- 12 Combination Massages (50-Minutes)
Special Price $1264.80 (Normally $1488.00)
Purchase Twelve 50-Minute Combination Massages Series

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Holiday Specials are good through December 31st, 2023 
*Stipulation apply

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