Meet Jazmine



Meet Jazmine

Guest Blogger: Jazmine Jamal






Hi, my name is Jazmine! I am an enthusiastic massage therapist who’s up for the challenge. I began learning & studying most of my great modalities at American Massage & Bodywork Institute. This particular school appealed to me because, it’s a very family oriented, which is also why I was drawn to Fountains Day Spa


Growing up, I found that I loved making people feel happy! When I was little I always thought I knew what I wanted to be “when I grew up,” but as I became an adult, my paths changed. The one thing that stayed consistent with me as an adult and the four year-old me, was that I still knew I wanted and enjoyed to help people. I began researching professions that would lead me in the direction of making a difference in this world. I came across massage therapy, and found that it was something that I really enjoyed doing. Flash forward to today, I’m working at Fountains, always pouring my passion into ever massage I do, because this is how I’ve chosen to make my impact on the world. Helping people feel their best is what I love about my career and I am so excited to see where this path leads me.



At Fountains, we offer a wide array of treatments, and I enjoy performing all of them, however some treatments are a little more meaningful to me than others. That being said, I love prenatal massages. I understand that all moms, and especially new moms, need that extra care! I know that the precious nine months that mothers’ are carrying can cause a lot of tension, usually in the lower back and hip area. I want to be there for those women to relieve as much tension, pain, and stress any mother-to-be may be experiencing. This treatment is particularly special to me because I hope to add fond memories to the women I see when they look back on their time being pregnant.


Another treatment that I is one of my favorites to give, is our Combination Massage. With this type of massage I can work out majority of the knots you may have, without causing much soreness during or after the massage. I begin my massages very slow and relaxing, this helps warm up the muscle tissue. Once they are warm, I then like to go into the muscles a little deeper. I incorporate stretches throughout my massages, because they help relieve any extra tension is leftover, after working in that specific area.



I am told that I have a very loving & healing touch. Most of my clients are always falling asleep on the table, which I take as a huge compliment. It warms my heart to know that I’m able to get them to their most relaxed state, which that is always my goal. I think of myself as a nurturing therapist who just wants make the world a happier place through massage.






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  1. Jazmine! Your massages are the best I ever had! You are so talented and really know how to connect with your clients! Thanks so much! You have definitely found your calling! See you next week!

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