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The Reiki Experience





The Reiki Experience

Guest Blogger: Ashe Abbott





The soft flickering of candlelight is almost hypnotic as you shift and then settle on the table, allowing your muscles to begin to let go. Taking a deep breath, you experience the therapeutic aromas that fill the air, and realize this is the first deep breath you’ve taken in hours. As you take your second deep breath, you feel my hands press gently into your shoulders, stretching them lightly, before taking up residence beneath your head. It’s a little strange at first — you think perhaps you should feel awkward, lying on a massage table with a stranger’s hands cradling your head with the care one would bestow upon a child.






As we linger here, with slow, deep breaths, you are surprised to find a very different feeling blossoming inside you — comfort. This warm, glowing feeling of comfort expands to fill your whole body, and something shifts. You feel a deep release. Your muscles let go just a little more. Your thoughts begin to quiet. You melt into the warmth of the table, and you feel a greater sense of peace than you’ve felt in ages. These feelings continue to expand as we move through our Reiki session, and you spend the rest of our time together drifting peacefully somewhere between sleep and wakefulness, allowing your body the opportunity for deep relaxation and restoration.


 What Is Reiki:

Reiki is an energy-based healing practice developed in Japan in the early 1900s by a Buddhist monk named Mikao Usui. Based on elements found in many traditional healing practices, Reiki utilizes the laying on of hands to manipulate the basic life force energy of the universe — perhaps most popularly known as chi in Western culture — in order to elicit a deep relaxation response, and help restore the overall balance and flow of the subtle energies within the body.






As an attuned Reiki practitioner, during a Reiki session, I channel this healing energy, allowing it to flow into my body and out through my hands, essentially funneling it into you. Once this energy enters your body, it works to remove energetic blockages, restoring optimal flow to your body’s energy system, and encouraging your body to shift from a place of anxiety and stress to one of greater balance and wellness.


How Will Reiki Effect You:


The improved internal balance that Reiki offers affects people differently. While the state of deep relaxation is very common — even those who find themselves reluctant to ascribe to a belief in the body’s energy system tend to feel the deeply relaxing effects of a Reiki session — further healing effects tend to be a little different for everyone. Reiki can reduce stress and anxiety, increase energy, improve mental clarity, increase self-confidence, improve sleep, relieve pain, aid in detox, support the immune system, and much more.



The only way to know just how Reiki will benefit you is to experience it yourself. You can book a Reiki session with me at Fountains Day Spa — just call the spa and they’ll get you set up with an appointment. If you would prefer a to incorporate Reiki into massage session, you can book a Harmony massage with me. I always recommend we devote at least 20 minutes to Reiki if we are also doing massage. Whether we’re doing a Reiki session or a Harmony massage, remember that the more Reiki you receive, the stronger the effects will be. I hope I’ll see you soon for some Reiki — you’ll just love it!