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We have been giving the best facial in Alexandria for over 35 years!

All Fountains Day Spa Estheticians are State Board Certified Estheticians to perform various facials.

All of our facials incorporate the finest European skincare products, Guinot of Paris found only in exclusive spas around the world. Our top estheticians perform a large array of different facials. Some of those faicals include, Microdermabrasion, Hydradermie, Beaute Neuve, The Lift, Back Facial, Men’s Facial and facial massage. Come in and see Suzanne, Francis, Erin, Brittany, Brianda and Amsale.

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Hydradermie Double Ionization ▼

Hydradermie Double Ionization Facial

Our flagship facial, Hydradermie Double Ionization is an exclusive Guinot treatment, which combines all the latest scientific advances and discoveries in skin biology. Whatever condition your skin is face, whether it’s dehydrated, mature, oily, sensitive or dealing with hyperpigmentation, this treatment will leave your skin hydrated, luminous and radiant.

This treatment uses a galvanic current, and includes active ingredients such as Hyalauronic Acid, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. These ingredients are penetrated into the deeper layers of the skin.

50 Minutes $123

This service is not offered during pregnancy.

Lift Summum ▼

Lift Summum

The Lift Summum treatment designed to firm and smooth the delicate skin of the face, neck, and chest (often the first areas to show signs of aging) – offering instant and long-term results. The Lift Summum is fast-acting and removes dead skin cells, redefines the face contour, and restores radiance in just 50 minutes.

50 Minutes $160

HydraPeel ▼


Hydra Peeling is a fast-acting treatment that erases signs of aging, reduces brown spots, and brightens skin tone in just 45 painless minutes. Customizable to skin tone, Guinot’s expert estheticians determine the course of action based on the client’s beauty goals and skin sensitivity – the peeling can be done with either Hydra PH or Hydrabrasion peeling.

In three steps, the treatment peels the skin eliminating dead cells, massages the skin re-balancing PH levels, and finally masks the skin protecting the freshly exfoliated layer.

45 Minutes $130

Eye Logic Treatment ▼

Eye Logic Treatment

Eye LogicEyes are the focal point of the face. Unfortunately, they also portray signs of age and fatigue through wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness. Eye Logic is a 40-minute treatment that focuses on that fragile eye area, targeting these three concerns for a more youthful and energized appearance.

40 Minutes $88

This service is not offered during pregnancy.

Ultra Eye Logic Treatment ▼

Ultra Eye Logic Treatment

The Ultra Eye Logic Treatment intensely targets signs of aging, fatigue and wrinkles by combining the Eye Logic treatment along with the Eye lift. The eye lift adds the benefit of tightening the muscles of the eyes with the use of micro current stimulation. By combining these two treatments we are able to combat signs of aging through working externally on the surface of the skin, as well as internally by manipulating the muscles around the eye area.

55 Minutes $105

This service is not offered during pregnancy.

Age Summum ▼

Age Summum

AgeSummum6The pinnacle of anti-aging treatments, Age Summum uses pure Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Pro-Collagen to target the signs of aging, lack of radiance, loss of firmness, fine lines and wrinkles.

The skin is treated with a dermabrasion exfoliating cream, which resurfaces the skin and eliminates dead skin cells. followed by a powerful Vitamin C enriched anti-aging serum to help stimulate cell rejuvenation. This is followed by a pro-collagen mask, which restores the skin’s radiant and youthful glow.

All of these ingredients are penetrated into the skin, using the exclusive Age Summum anti-aging facial massage.

50 Minutes $136

The Pregnancy Facial ▼

The Pregnancy Facial

This Pregnancy Facial is for expecting moms who want a luxury deep cleaning facial. This service begins with using a Thermoclean Electrode along with an individually prescribed gel. The electrode triggers hyper-secretion of the sweat and sebaceous glands, to clean the pores and rid the skin of oil and toxins. Extractions are performed, followed by a relaxing facial massage. Based on your skin type, you will end with one of our luxury masks for the ultimate prenatal facial.

50 Minutes $123

HydraClean Facial ▼

HydraClean Facial

Hydraclean treatment uses the patented Thermoclean Electrode to offer spa enthusiasts glowing skin in half the time of a standard facial. Regulated heat from the patented Thermoclean Electrode works with an individually prescribed gel to trigger hyper-secretion of the sweat and sebaceous glands to clean the pores and rid the skin of oil and toxins. Extractions are performed and the skin is left feeling clearer, brighter, hydrated, and able to breathe.



25 Minutes $77

Men’s Hydradermie Double Ionization ▼

Men’s Hydradermie Double Ionization Facial

Men's Hydradermie FacialOur flagship hydradermie customized for a man’s skin. This treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, oxygenation, extractions, to thoroughly clean skin and remove surface impurities and dullness.

50 Minutes $123

Aromatic Facial ▼

Aromatic Facial

The Aromatic Facial is a soothing treatment, which incorporates essential oils, plant concentrates and massage to hydrate, balance and energize the skin. A relaxing facial massage will be performed with an essential oil blend that is suited for your skins needs. The treatment is summed up with the luxurious aromatics mask to leave your skin feeling extra hydrated.

45 Minutes $108

Liftosome Facial ▼

Liftosome Facial

An incredible lifting and toning effect that instantly makes the skin look more youthful. The skin receives a vitamin-enriched serum through an invigorating facial massage and then layered with a self-heating mask that goes to the heart of the epidermis to tighten the elastic fibers and invigorates all cellular functions.

50 Minutes $118

Back Facial ▼

Back Facial

Back FacialImprove the appearance and tone of the skin with our customized back hydradermie. Minor to major back breakouts are calmed as muscles are relaxed. This relaxing treatment is a deep cleansing and de-stressing treatment specifically designed for the back and shoulder area. Includes exfoliation, extractions and customized mask.

55 Minutes $146

This service is not offered during pregnancy.

Super+ Hydradermie ▼

Super+ Hydradermie

The Super+ Hydradermie targets all skin types with extra attention being focused on depositing Vitamins and nutrients deep into the lower layers while brightening and evening out skin tone.

80 Minutes $177

This service is not offered during pregnancy.

Deluxe Hydradermie ▼

Deluxe Hydradermie

The Deluxe Hydradermie combines the amazing cleansing and hydrating benefits of the Hydradermie facial, with the lifting effects of The Lift facial. The lifting treatment provides a youth appearance by stimulating facial muscles with a gentle micro current. It is then followed by the double ionizing galvanic current to help superior ingredients penetrate into deeper layers of the skin. Whatever your skin care concerns are, this facial is sure to leave your skin feeling youthful, clean and radiant.

80 Minutes $177

This service is not offered during pregnancy.

Ultra Hydradermie ▼

Ultra Hydradermie

Hydradermie UltraFor the client who really loves to be pampered, this treatment is it. All the benefits of the Hydradermie, with the addition of lymphatic drainage facial massage to aid the skin in getting rid of toxins. After facial massage, the Aromatics mask is applied for a healthy glow.

80 Minutes $177

This service is not offered during pregnancy.

MicroDermabrasion ▼


MicroDermabrasionThis is our most intensive peeling treatment that we offer. With the use of varying degrees of controlled air pressure and vacuum, aluminum oxide crystals are gently blown onto the skin, resulting in a reduction of surface wrinkles, and a refinement of scarring, large pores, and pigmented areas.

50 Minutes $176

The Lift ▼

The Lift

This lifting treatment provides a “youthful revolution” by stimulating facial muscles with a gentle micro current. The micro current will tighten and tone, resulting in a natural lifting of facial features. You will notice immediate difference in the eye, chin and neck area. The results that this treatment gives, are remarkable. You will be stunned by the instant and long-lasting lifting effects. Your age and muscle tone will determine the frequency of treatments you’ll need, however for the best results it should be scheduled in a series of 6 treatments.

55 Minutes $150

This service is not offered during pregnancy.

Eye Lift ▼

Eye Lift

Eye LiftThis treatment is the latest in spa technology and is ideal for treating droopy, tired eyes. A gentle micro current stimulates the muscles surrounding the eye area, to tighten and tone, helping to prevent wrinkles as well as reduce fine lines. It will also help widen the eye contour, reduce puffiness and under eye shadows. All of this can be achieved in just 25 minutes! For longer lasting results, it is recommended to receive a series of 3 or 6 treatments.

25 Minutes $81

This service is not offered during pregnancy.

Neck Lift ▼

Neck Lift

Neck LiftFor many of us, the neck is one of the first places we see signs of aging. This neck lift treatment creates a firmer skin tone through muscle stimulation for both the neck and chin area. Results from this treatment can be seen immediately. This facial is also great as an add on to another facial, or awesome as a stand alone service. For longer lasting results, it is recommended to receive a series of 3 or 6 treatments performed in a short timeframe.

25 Minutes $81

This service is not offered during pregnancy.

Mini Facial ▼

Mini Facial

mini facial

Do you not have much time and are in need a little facial pick up? This is an ideal treatment, targeting problem areas with instant results. Please note that this facial does not include extractions.

25 Minutes $71

This service is not offered during pregnancy.

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