Waxing Services

Formulated with the finest ingredients for flawless waxing without irritation to the skin. Fountains day spa offers sensitive skin waxing, eyebrow shaping and lash and brow tinting. We carry both hard wax and soft wax, please let us know ahead of time, if you have a preference.


Waxing Menu

Eyebrow Wax ▼

Shaping hair under the eye brow line and if needed above.


Deluxe Eyebrow Wax ▼

This includes a brow wax and is finished off with your Esthetician filling in your brows using Chella brow products. Leaving you with beautiful brows.


Lip Wax ▼

Area above the upper lip.


Chin Wax ▼

Area under the mouth.


Sideburn Wax ▼

From cheek bone to jaw bone.


Bikini Wax ▼

Hair that is visible outside of the bikini line. This also includes around and below navel.


Extended Bikini Wax ▼

The traditional bikini wax including further waxing just past where the bikini line begins. This does not include the labia or buttocks area.


Brazilian Wax ▼

Everything is waxed off from the front and back, leaving a clean smooth finish. A landing strip in front can also be included.


Underarm Wax ▼

All hair removed from armpit area only.


1/2 Arm Wax ▼

From elbow to the shoulder.
From elbow to the wrist, this may also include the hand and fingers if needed.


Full Arm Wax ▼

From the shoulder to the wrist, this may also include the hand and fingers if needed.


1/2 Leg Wax ▼

From the knee to the ankle, this may also include the foot and toes if needed.
From the upper thigh to the knee.


3/4 Leg Wax ▼

From half way up the thigh to the ankle, it may also include the foot and toes if needed.


Full Leg Wax ▼

From the upper thigh (not including the bikini line) to the ankle, this may also include the foot and toes if needed.


Chest Wax ▼

Waxing starts from collar bone and can include the stomach if needed, ending just above the underwear line.


Back Wax ▼

This includes the area from the base of neck, over the shoulder stopping at the collar bone, and down the back ending at the underwear line.



Waxing FAQs

How long does my hair have to be to get waxed? ▼


We ask that your hair be ¼ of an inch long in order for the wax to be able to grab the hair.

Can I still wax if I’m on medication? ▼


It’s always best to refer to your doctor if you have any questions. For prescribed creams such as Retin-A or Differin, we advise that you stop use 7 days prior to your wax appointment, and refrain from use until 7 days after your wax session. It is extremely important to advice us if you are on Accutane. It’s very dangerous to wax while on Accutane and a doctor’s note should be obtained prior to receiving any waxing services. Remember, it’s important that you inform or update your Esthetician on what medications you may be taking so we can ultimately provide you with a safe waxing experience.

Can I get waxed if I have sunburn? ▼


We will not perform services on sunburned skin or skin that is irritated or unhealthy. Please wait until your skin has healed, to book a reservation for waxing.

Can I get waxed if I’ve been tanning? ▼


We advise waiting at least 24–48 hours between waxing and tanning because your skin can be more sensitive. Because waxing removes the top layer of dead skin cells, you’re more likely to experience sunburn if you follow your session with tanning. If you are going to go in the sun within 48 hours of waxing, we advise wearing a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.


Can I still get waxed if I’m having a facial? ▼


You can still wax if you received a basic facial. If you are receiving a specialty facial, such as a microdermabrasion, then you should wait at least 7 days to receive a wax service, as the skin can be more sensitive.


Can I still get waxed if I’m pregnant? ▼


Yes, you can still get waxed. However, due to the hormonal changes your body is going through, you skin may be more sensitive than usual.


Who will be performing my wax service? ▼


All of our friendly wax technicians are Licensed Estheticians.


What kind of products do you use? ▼


We use a hard wax, as well as soft wax.


Hard Wax – This type of wax that does not use strips. This type of wax hardens when applied to the skin.  Once it hardens, it is pulled from the tip of the hardened wax against the hair growth.  Hard wax is less painful than the strip since it pulls directly from the skin with less pressure.


Soft Wax – We smooth on the warm wax, place a strip of cloth on top and remove it in one quick movement. Generally, soft wax is better suited for removing fine hair. Soft wax has the added benefit of being easy to wash off.


Does waxing hurt? ▼


This is dependent on your personal tolerance for discomfort. There are things that you can do to decrease the amount of discomfort, such as taking an Advil 45-60 minutes before your appointment.  We also sell a product called, No Scream Cream, which contains Benzocaine a local anesthetic which can help numb the area prior to waxing.


How long will my wax last? ▼


Waxing will typically last between 3–4 weeks but everyone’s rate of re-growth varies, so results can differ between clients. However, with the right products, you can help your body stay smoother, for longer.




Fountains Day Spa Waxing, serving clients in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Maryland & Washington DC.

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