Guinot’s New Double Ionisation Hydradermie




Guinot’s Double Ionisation Hydradermie

Blog Author: Suzanne Olsen





For those of you who love the results with the original Hydradermie, get ready to be blown away with the new treatment. We are one of the first Spas in the USA to receive our Double Ionisation Hydradermie Machine. We are now offering two levels for all of our Hydradermie Facials. We will still offer the Original, Super and Ultra Hydradermie, however, if you would like to enhance any of these facials, you can do so by requesting Double Ionisation.




The Standard Hydradermie


The Hydradermie is a facial that has been around for decades and our clients love it. A key factor of this facial is that it uses direct and indirect galvanic current. During the facial, your beauty therapist hands you the negative metal rod as they pass positively-charged rollers over your skin. The negative metal rod in your hand actually attracts and pulls the positive ions from the rollers deeper into your skin as they glide over the face. This process allows the active ingredients contained in the Guinot Gels to nourish and hydrate the dermis and epidermis (outer layer) at the same time relaxing the tiny muscle that holds the pore closed enabling the therapist to perform extractions with ease. Once the skin has been deep cleansed the second and very important part of the facial begins.


With the skin clean and the pores open we bathe the skin in oxygen, giving life to the cells. This part is so important no matter the age or skin type. A relaxing facial massage is given before the final step, the individual face mask chosen for your skin type.




The Double Ionisation Hydradermie


With Double Ionisation the effect of the current is dispersed directly on the surface of the skin, sending the superfood gels (rich in calcium potassium and algae minerals) deeper into the skin, providing you with greater longer lasting results. The Double Ionisation Hydradermie will take the same amount of time as the Hydradermie, however, there is no longer a need to hold the negative metal rod. Instead of the client holding it, in the new treatment the Esthetician holds both the positive and negative currents in their hand and use them both simultaneously directly on the skin. By having both the negative and positive electrodes pass over the skin at the same time (Double Ionisation) the client is receiving double the benefits, compared to the standard Hydradermie. The positive current helps the nutrients of the treatment gels to go further into the skin, while the negative current is pulling impurities out.


The treatment gels that are used during the facial are formulated to deliver deeper nutrients to the core cells, thus increasing the lifespan of that cell while also aiding the negative current to pull out impurities at the same time, making pore cleansing more effective. Compared to the results or the original Hydradermie, the Double Ionization provides more visible and longer lasting results.




To Sum It Up


The Double Ionisation reaches deeper, enabling the gels to perform more effectively than ever before. Bringing your skin instant radiance as well as hydration. Since the gels are penetrating deeper into the skin, the core cell’s life span and productivity are increased, in other words, your skin cell will live longer and become stronger. I really am excited to have you experience the new double ionization hydradermie and see for yourself what a difference just one treatment makes.




Hydradermie Double Ionisation – $123





Danielle’s Skincare Routine


Danielle’s Skincare Routine


Ideal Skin Type: Dry Skin

Guest Blogger: Danielle Hoffman


My name is Danielle, and I wanted to share my daily skincare routine with you. First I’ll give you a little background information about me. I am originally from Maryland, but before moving back, I lived in Florida for 4 years.  During my time there, I did what any Floridian does, I soaked up the Sun, which resulted in many sunburns. I cringe now just thinking about it.  Eventually I wised up about how bad Sun damage was for my skin and quit the long days at the beach and started applying SPF.


I initially was interested in becoming a makeup artist. I was always doing makeup for my friends and family for events or dates. I wanted to become certified and began looking up makeup artist programs. During my search to become certified I started to discover Esthetics and began to develop a strong interest in it.  One thing led to another and I became a licensed Esthetician, and have fallen in love with skincare.

As a person with dry skin, this harsh winter has done a number on it. My skin was not only dry but flakey all over, and was in much need for some nourishment. The cleanser I’m using at the moment is the Lait Hyrda Confort cleansing milk. I absolutely love this cleanser, it takes off all of my makeup, makes my skin actually feel smooth, and did I mention it smells so good. This cleansing milk contains Shea Oil which leaves my skin feel so soft and healthy. It also contains Cornflower extracts, this helps to soothe my skin.


The way I use it is by pumping 2-4 pumps in my hands and work the cleanser around my dry face. I apply the milk to dry skin because it is an emollient, which helps to breakdown any dirt, oil or makeup that I have on my skin. Then I simply rinse the cleansing milk off with warm water and a shammy (a type of washcloth).

After cleansing my face, I apply a moisturizer. The moisturizers I use differs from day to night.  In the morning I use BiOxygene cream. I find that it provides my skin with hydration without being too heavy. I apply BiOxygene just before I put on my makeup.  It’s hydrating enough to give my makeup long staying power, and light enough to keep my makeup from slipping off my face.  Lastly, the smell of this cream is divine, very fresh and clean.
Because my skin has been recovering from the cold, to give it an added boost of nourishment, I have been apply Creme Nutrition Confort after I cleanse my skin at night.  This cream is filled with essential oils, such as, Lavender, Rosemary and Thyme.  These oils help repair and nourish very dry skin. This is a cream that I’m using to treat my dry skin, as the weather warms up and my skin balances out I may replace this moisturizer with BiOxygene, but for the time being this is a necessary product for me.


If anyone has any questions about any of the products I use, or if you are interested in having a skin consultation and facial, just stop by the spa, I’m always happy to meet new people.




Treatment Spotlight: Reflexology




Treatment Spotlight: Reflexology

Ideal Client: Anyone

Blogger: Suzanne Olsen




I was recently asked by someone, what my most favorite treatment to give (and receive) was.  It took me no time to reply with the answer, reflexology.



When reflexology is preformed correctly, it not only balances the physical body, giving a great sense of well being, and total relaxation, but it also can help your emotional state as well. This transformation is achieved by stimulating the reflexes found on the bottom of the feet, which transfer electrical impulses of energy (also referred to as Meridians), to different parts of the body.  For instance if you are suffering with a migraine headache, it may not be possible to massage the head, as it may be too sensitive to touch, however by applying pressure to the big toe (the head meridian) the pressure that you are feeling in you head, will begin to subdue.


Anyone can receive Reflexology, though extra care is given to pregnant women. It is a wonderful treatment to help the body heal itself, and the frequency depends on the condition you are working on erasing.  I find many of our facial clients at Fountains add it onto a facial service to give themselves the added benefits of well being and relaxation.


At Fountains, we give 25 or 55  minute reflexology sessions. If you have back aches or other stubborn pain issues, then I would recommend the longer treatment. Come in and try a little bit of heaven, and judge for yourself.





Treatment Spotlight: Combination Massage




Treatment Spotlight: Combination Massage

Ideal Client: Anyone

Guest Blogger: Tiffany Davidson





I would like to share my favorite service to give to my clients, a combination massage. I find this massage can benefits most people coming in for massage.  I generally prefer to do deeper massages as opposed to lighter ones, and the massage gives me the green light to move past the light Swedish pressure. The combination massage is beneficial because it allows me to warm the soft tissue with Swedish techniques and then gradually increase to a deeper pressure, if needed.


Therapeutic Harmony


I recommend that a person receive a combination massage every three to four weeks,  this will keep your body and muscles on a healthy regimen, so that you don’t find yourself in agony. Regular massages are extremely important for certain people, for instance dentists, who are constantly stuck in the same position all day, with their head looking down over their patients. If you have a job that has your body under pressure from doing repetitive movements, or in the other case restricting movements, than I would  recommend receiving a Massage twice a week for a few months, switching to once a month after that, as the pain and tension begin to dissipate.


When I am giving a Combination Massage, I try to incorporate some stretching into it. Depending on the client, the stretching can vary from a very involved table Thai technique to stretching the hamstring group, or something as minor as a pectoralis stretch. I commonly hear from my clients after receiving a Combination Massage that they feel balanced and even taller.


Lastly, because the Combination Massage gradually moves from Swedish to a deep massage, people enjoy it the  because they do not feel too sore afterwards.



Treatment Spotlight: Pregnancy Massage




Treatment Spotlight: Pregnancy Massage

Ideal Client: Pregnant Women

Guest Blogger: Amy Vrouhas




Dealing with stress, and back pain? Are you caring for two human beings at the same time? If so, I understand that things can become overwhelming during this time, as well as uncomfortable! When you’re a mother to be, you want to take care of yourself and the baby as much as possible. Pregnancy massage is one natural ways to make sure that you’re caring for your baby, by taking care of yourself!


During many pregnancies, pain occurs in areas that you probably haven’t felt before. I hear from many clients about their back pain is unlike anything they’ve experienced before. Pregnancy Massage incorporates Swedish massage techniques with some modified positions, to help keep the Mother to be comfortable. Pregnancy Massage will aid in relieving back pain, leg cramps, as well as headaches. Pregnancy Massage can also help enhance sleep, reduce Edema (swelling), balance out hormone levels, and it can even encourage child labor, towards the end of pregnancy.


Ultimately, if you are pregnant and haven’t received a pregnancy massage — you should do so, and begin to feel the relief!


Please Note: Fountains Day Spa will preform Pregnancy Massages on women in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters only.



Treatment Spotlight: Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting




Treatment Spotlight: Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting

Ideal Client:Everyone

Guest Blogger: Nikki Clark



I am someone who is personally interested in makeup and beauty, which would only make sense that my absolute favorite service to offer is the lash and brow tinting.

Tinting not only does this provides instant gratification and stunning results, it gives you that little extra flair without effecting your daily beauty routine, in fact this can cut down on your usual morning “get ready” time.



In about 30 minutes we can provide deeper colors to your lashes and brows. Tinting provides your brows a more defined, well-groomed look.  They will appear slightly thicker, which give a more youthful appearance.


Many clients with blonde or light colored lashes/brow hair, instantly notice the difference once the service is complete. It truly highlights the eyes and makes them pop!  I find that a lot of people have lashes where their natural color has faded on the ends of the lashes.  By applying the tint, the lashes instantly appear longer.  Also tinting helps lashes to appear fuller, since they do what most mascaras cant, the color begins right at the base of the lashes, as opposed to half way up the lash.  Just put your mascara back in your makeup bag, because you won’t need for a while!


Have sensitive eyes? That’s ok, our eyelash and eyebrow dye is formulated from vegetable-base  as well as other natural ingredients, insuring your safety while providing long-lasting results.


This service is becoming increasingly popular by everyone who tries it once! Give it a shot and see the dramatic difference.


TIP: You want to avoid oil-based moisturizers, cleansers, and/or wipes. They will breakdown the component of the tint, and it will fade faster.





Treatment Spotlight: Harmony Massage





Treatment Spotlight: Harmony Massage

Ideal Client: Anyone

Guest Blogger: Jennifer Flynn





A Harmony massage is unlike any other massage that we offer at the spa.  It allows your therapist to integrate their personal specialties to fully customize each session according to the clients’ specific needs. This may include blending various modalities such as energy work, reflexology, intuitive bodywork, stretching, or other techniques.


Harmony Massage


By utilizing different methods, the Massage Therapist can help assess what would benefit the client most and deliver a more holistic and beneficial treatment. The Harmony massage incorporates elements that can balance the body, mind, and spirit. I find that when a client is able to fully relax and really let go of their tension and stress, they can expect to feel a sense of peace or rejuvenation, following the treatment. I have had many clients describe their experience as feeling complete or having a serene nature.


This service can be done anytime and gives the freedom to create a comfortable space for healing to take place.  The Harmony Massage is highly recommended for anyone looking to enhance their overall sense of well being through both physical and energetic means.




Why Guinot?

The question I’m often asked is “Why do we only use Guinot at Fountains Day Spa?” Thinking of that question I decided to put pen to paper or in today’s world finger to keyboard and dedicate this month’s blog on answering that exact question.


The Beginning


I was first introduced to this line in 1973 in London. At that time I was in my early twenties and had only a minimal amount of experience in the beauty industry, but still even then, I knew when I found Guinot I had found the best.


Guinot, back then, was definitely ahead of it’s time, on the cutting edge of skin care, with a professional approach, and very much dedicated to getting results. Guinot is also one of the first skin care lines to adhere to “beauty without cruelty” belief (meaning, that they do not test any of their products on animals). This aspect of the company has always been important to me. At that time it was rare to find any beauty company with such high standards and a dedication to make a difference in the world.


An Eco-Friendly Company


Guinot is also an eco-friendly company. Their aim is to respect the environment, not only with the formulation of their products, but also with their production method. They are so dedicated to protecting the environment and the health of their clients, that all of the elements they use in their product line are pure and whole. None of the ingredients come from GMO plants (genetically modified organism). The active ingredients they use are all used with respect to the environment, by sourcing them from renewable plants.


Outstanding Professional and Retail Products


With such high standards on board with caring for the environment, you can imagine that when it comes to caring for the skin, Guinot is a company that gets results. I’ve seen firsthand dramatic transformations with clients who’ve used Guinot. I still have many of my original clients from 30 years ago, who have grown beautifully by being dedicated to their personal skin care regimen with the help of Guinot. Don’t be fooled, Guinot is not just a “one-trick-pony” type of skin care line. They have produced an exceptional professional range of professional products and facials that used and performed at the spa to treat the skin in a different way then other skincare lines do. One obvious difference is the use of galvanic current as opposed to steam in facials. Guinot has realized that steam, much to many peoples surprise can be quite damaging to the skin during a facial. While galvanic current genteelly softens the sebum and helps to break down excess keratin in the skin, allowing for a deeper clean without the harshness of steam or the possibility of broken blood vessels. With such a superior skin care line in use at the spa, it would only be appropriate to provide our clients with the same quality of products for their home care regimen, because beautiful skin is a combination of both personal and professional care.


One Of My Favorite Guinot Products


Since being introduced to Guinot all those years ago I have been a loyal and avid user, you could say I have grown up with them. In the beginning I would use a product called crème 888, a rich night cream, just two nights out of a month, now in my 60’s I use it every day. It is one of their classic products that have personally given me effective results. My skin has benefited and aged slower due to having this product in my daily régime. Not to mention the range of Age Nutritive and Time logic products, which is their line first dealing with cell-renewal, it is truly an anti-aging line, that’s given my clients outstanding results. The first time I used Time Logic on myself, I noticed an improvement in the tone and a lessening in wrinkles within 24 hours, not to mention the compliments on my completion from clients.


Your Personal Skin Consultation


If you have any further questions regarding Guinot, please feel free to send me a message, as I can simply go one for days about this line. Also if you are looking for a consultation on what specific products are best for your skin, make an appointment for a free consultation during the week and I or one of our many talented estheticians will be more then happy to speak with you.