Treatment Spotlight: Pregnancy Massage




Treatment Spotlight: Pregnancy Massage

Ideal Client: Pregnant Women

Guest Blogger: Amy Vrouhas




Dealing with stress, and back pain? Are you caring for two human beings at the same time? If so, I understand that things can become overwhelming during this time, as well as uncomfortable! When you’re a mother to be, you want to take care of yourself and the baby as much as possible. Pregnancy massage is one natural ways to make sure that you’re caring for your baby, by taking care of yourself!


During many pregnancies, pain occurs in areas that you probably haven’t felt before. I hear from many clients about their back pain is unlike anything they’ve experienced before. Pregnancy Massage incorporates Swedish massage techniques with some modified positions, to help keep the Mother to be comfortable. Pregnancy Massage will aid in relieving back pain, leg cramps, as well as headaches. Pregnancy Massage can also help enhance sleep, reduce Edema (swelling), balance out hormone levels, and it can even encourage child labor, towards the end of pregnancy.


Ultimately, if you are pregnant and haven’t received a pregnancy massage — you should do so, and begin to feel the relief!


Please Note: Fountains Day Spa will preform Pregnancy Massages on women in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters only.







Featured Product: Guinot Sun Products

Ideal Skin Type: All Skins

Blogger: Suzanne Olsen



The Guinot Control Laboratory in France is one of the most renowned in the cosmetic sector. It has been recognized as a leader amongst skincare research labs, and incorporates the most modern technology into their research. The Guinot Lab is also dedicated to creating and producing products that go above and beyond the normal standards. To that I should note that all Guinot products are formulated without Parabens or GMOs (Genetically Modified Organism).


As summer approaches I want to share with you the new technology and effectiveness of the Nucleic Defense Sun Protective Range that Guinot has created. This product range has triple the protection of your standard Sun product. Nucleic Defense is the first sunscreen formulated with DNA molecules and sun filters. DNA molecules absorb and neutralize the UV rays that can modify skin cell DNA. In a nutshell the ultraviolet light from the sun causes damage to the skin cells by actually changing the structure of the DNA in them. Introducing small bits of DNA (thymidine dinucleotide) can boost the cell’s repair pathways so they remove more of the damaged bits of DNA after UV exposure. Sunscreens without DNA in them can leave “windows” on the skin through which certain UV rays can penetrate and modify DNA. Applying DNA to the skin’s surface “fills out” these “windows,” thus protecting the cells’ own DNA.



This product line also contains a natural ingredient called, Heliotropine (created by Guinot) which helps the skin tame the negative effects of the Sun. Heliptropine is derived from the Greek words helios (sun) and tropos (affinity). The benefits that this ingredient does for the skin is substantial; I will list a few benefits below.


Skin protection

  • Protects against harmful UV rays
  • Promotes the production of melanin, a natural skin protection from UVrays

Stimulates natural, even tanning process

  • Generates and accelerates melanin synthesis, thereby enhancing a tan.
  • Prevents formation of pigmentation marks
  • Ensures an even distribution of melanin on the skin’s surface

Fights low tolerance to the Sun

  • Comforts skin by strengthening its natural defense
  • Limits erythemia and sun-induced allergies


Basically the DNA in these products will act as a barrier as well as a magnate, by attracting the Sun’s rays, thus protecting and shielding your own DNA. Not only is your DNA kept intact and untouched, but the UV rays are kept from damaging your cells.


In my opinion, this Nucleic Defense Range is one of the most advanced programs for skin protection and has several different products to satisfy all skin types and weather conditions.


At Fountains, we want to make sure you are informed about sun protection and if you have further questions as to which product is right for you and when and how to use please give us a call, or stop by, and we would be happy to assist you.

I wish everyone a warm happy and protected summer.

– Suzanne Olsen



Guinot Sun Products Include:

Guinot – Large Écran UV Sunscreen SPF 30

Guinot – Large Defense UV SPF 20

Guinot – Longue Vie Soleil

Guinot – Spray Bronze Oil Free Sunscreen SPF 15

Guinot – Huile Bronzante Diam’Sun Glowing Tanning Oil





Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2012


Mother’s Day is coming up and The Fountains have created both a list of specialized packages as well as a great gift guide with lots of goodies.  There is literally a gift for every kind of mom from inexpensive items to luxury gift sets.  Take a look below and click on the item to learn more about the product and to purchase.



Guinot Age & Time Logic Gift Set – This is our luxury gift this year for moms.  This gift set contains 2 of the most potent and effective anti-aging products for both the face and body.

Retail: $90.00



Kozi Back Energy Activator – If your mom can’t get a massage at least she can have the next best thing.  This back pad by Kozi is filled with incredible blend of 12 aromatic herbs. Herbal aromatics trigger a faster release of stress, tension & other obstacles to relaxation.  As your mother falls into a relaxed state, the soothing fabrics support the affected areas of her body in a soft, healing embrace.

Retail: $52.00



White Lion Tea: White Ambrosia – This tea is one of the most intoxicating yet relaxing teas we’ve ever tried and we are sure you mom will feel the same way. With hints of toasted coconut and pineapple it’s as if she is on some exotic island having afternoon tea.

Retail: $14.70



Yoga To Go – There is not one mother out there who wouldn’t benefit from this book.  It demonstrates easy & comfortable ways to do various yoga poses and stretches.

Retail: $19.95



Biotone Body Butter & Scrub Combo – Biotone has been a frontrunner in luxury spa creams and polishes.  This is the same product line that we use during our professional body treatments.  Your mom will feel so luxurious and pampered after using these high-end products.  They come in 4 amazing scents:

  • Mango & Mandarin
  • Lavender & Calendula
  • Pomegranate & Cranberry
  • Milk & Honey

Retail: $50.00



Essential Oil & Diffuser Combo – We have gathered some of our most popular essential oils and combined them with a great, yet compact diffuser to enable your mom to fill a room with an amazing aroma.  All of her friends will be asking “What’s that smell, and where can I get it!?!” We are offering 5 different essential oil kits:

  • Lavender
  • Egyptian Geranium
  • Lemongrass
  • Peppermint
  • YlangYlang

Retail: $22.50 – $41.50 (Depending on oil type)