How To Re-balance & Brighten Hyper Pigmentation

How To Re-balance & Brighten Hyper Pigmentation


Article by: Suzanne Olsen




In order to remedy this problem we must first understand how the skin reacts when exposed to sun light. It is vital for our skin to get exposure to natural sun light, however too much exposure is not good. I recommend getting outside early in the morning or late in the evening, at those times the amount of UVA and UVB rays are less intense. By that I mean the rays are less damaging, and the heat is not as strong. On top of that the Sun’s nutrients (vitamin A and D) are more abundant.



The heat from the Sun’s rays penetrates deep into the dermis layer (top layer of skin). As the heat builds up, it stimulates the skin’s natural protection known as Melanin, to come up to the surface and protect the core cells below. It is the natural reaction to the heat of the sun. Unfortunately over time due to too much sun exposure, some of the melanin is left on the surface and remains as hyper pigmentation, brown spots or melasma. Once the melanin is burnt, it can become lighter in texture in winter months but does not return to its original even color tone.



Guinot’s NEWHITE Skincare Range Brings New Life to Pigmented Skin




NEWHITE is a professional treatment program which helps to correct pigmentation disorders, whilst preserving the skins beauty. The NEWHITE program is the only brightening skin care program that can be measured in time for visible results.


Two Key Ingredients Throughout the NEWHITE Range

    • MELANOXYL creates two effects on the melanocytes. It slows UV-induced melanin production and reduces the initial presence of melanin in the skin.


  • VITAMIN C reinforces the lightening and anti-pigmentation action. Through its antioxidant and anti-free radical action it protects the skin and cutaneous tissue. Vitamin C stimulates collagen synthesis thus regenerating the tissue.


The NEWHITE range is comprised of several products, which all work together to even out skin color and bring a healthy even toned completion. Please call us and ask for assistance. Let us help you love your completion again.




Introducing Guinot’s Newhite Brightening Line

One of the most common complaints we hear at the spa is that of skin discoloration and age spots. Guinot has finally developed an aggressive and effective regime that shows visible improvements within 30 days.
There is also a professional facial treatment that we’ll be performed at the spa, which will increase the effectiveness of the at-home regime.


First I would like to give you a brief description on what causes pigmentation and darkening of the skin to occur. Then I will describe how the Guinot’s Newhite range works, and how to properly use it to get desired results.


What are brown/age spots, darkening of the skin, and Melasma, and why do they occur?


It is important to understand that pigmentation is a defense mechanism that living cells have against UV rays. When skin is exposed to the sun, melanocytes active melanin particles which act as an umbrella to protect the nuclei of the living cell. These particles over time cause the skin to become permanently darkened. As the skin continues to be exposed to the UV rays the extra melanin creates an irregular coloring\pigmentation of the surface.


Melasma, also referred to as “the mask of pregnancy” darkens the facial skin which can occur from a variety of factors, such as, sun exposure, as well as an increase in female hormones estrogen/progesterone. These dark patches usually show up on the cheeks forehead nose and chin.


The Newhite Homecare Line comprises of 7 products which are:


Perfect Brightening Cleansing Oil

Cleanses the skin and removes even the most hard-to-remove make-up. Leaves the skin soft and comfortable.


Perfect Brightening Cleanser

Easily removes make-up and impurities. Shows the production of UV-induced melanin and reduces initial levels of melanin in the skin.


Perfect Brightening Lotion

Rids the skin of impurities and toxins. Tones and refreshes the skin.


Instant Brightening Mask

Brightens the complexion for daytime or before a night out. Instantly evens skin tones, and restores radiance to the complexion.
This mask can be used as an individual treatment once a week, or for dramatic results, use for 7-days, in either the morning or night time.



Vitamin C Brightening Serum

Visibly brightens the complexion, fades brown spots, illuminates and evens the complexion.
This is a 14-day intensive serum to use morning and night before applying your day or night cream. This serum is activated by adding the active ingredient, vitamin C directly into the serum then shaking thoroughly. If used on a 14-day regime you will find a significant reduction of brown spots after 2 weeks.


Brightening Day Cream

Brightens the complexion, and prevents the appearance of new brown spots by decreasing melanin production.
Use it every morning for at least 30 days on all areas of concern (face neckline hands, etc).


Brightening Night Cream

Brightens the complexion. Prevents the appearance of new brown spots. Prolongs the brightening effects of Newhite Brightening Day Cream
Use for at least 30 days as a compliment to the day cream over the brightening serum.



The Newhite skincare line visibly corrects skin pigmentation problems while improving the skin’s appearance.
There are 2 main active ingredients that are in every product in this line, which work together to give optimal results:



Slows UV–induced melanin production and reduces initial melanin levels in the skin.



Helps brighten skin by inhibiting tyrosinase which causes tanning, protects the skin from free radicals, boosts collegen synthesis and stimulates dermal regeneration. It is a very powerful de-pigmenting agent.

These 2 active ingredients slow melanin production and reduce the initial melanin levels in the skin to brighten the complexion.


The Newhite range has been launched at the perfect time as we head into fall and the sun is not so aggressive. If you have any questions make sure to ask you esthetician next time your in for a a facial or come in for a consultation. The sooner the program begins the quicker your skin can return to it previous youthful clear complexion.