How Glycation Accelerates the Aging Process




How Glycation Accelerates   The Aging Process

Guest Blogger: Francis Vergara



I often note that some of the key enemies of the skin and factors that accelerate the aging process include several “s-words” — smoking, sun, stress, sugar, and inadequate sleep. Today we’re going to focus on what kind of damage excessive sugar causes, and what can be done to minimize it.


Ingesting excess sugar causes a process known as glycation (glie-KAY-shun) to occur. This is where sugar molecules attach to proteins, which basically weakens them and diminishes their ability to function properly. The two key proteins that we’re concerned about are collagen and elastin–the support structure that keeps young skin firm and flexible. As we age, the strength and density of collagen and elastin diminishes. Naturally, our goals in skin care are to slow the aging process, and create a healthy environment for the skin’s cells, tissues and anti-glycation measures should always be considered when setting our anti-aging strategy.


Dietary Changes


What dietary courses of action can we take to minimize glycation and it’s harmful effects? Decreasing our sugar intake –especially the more harmful white sugar and high fructose corn syrup contained in so many processed foods–is a good place to start. I’m happy to say that I kicked the “twizzler, gummy bear, and neon gummy-worm habit” several years ago, resulting in increased energy and improved sleep.




Carbohydrates, while needed by the body as a source of energy is converted into sugar. A healthy approach to carbohydrates is eat more of the good carbs –fruits, vegetables, whole grains — and avoid or decrease the bad ones such as candy, soda, and sugary cereals. The good carbs contain less sugar which is introduced to your system more slowly. We’re always advising skin care clients that diet affects the skin –glycation is one of many reasons to improve our diets.



Improve Your Skin Care Routine


Skin care, at the spa and in the home can fight glycation. Regular infusions of anti-glycation agents, particularly those found in Guinot’s “Cellular Life Complex” strengthen and energize the cells and tissues, making them less vulnerable and setting the stage for more effective collagen synthesis. When we’re in our 20’s our metabolism is more active, stronger, and fights the effects of glycation more effectively. As we age, energy and regeneration slows down — making it necessary to step up our anti-aging (anti-glycation) efforts. These more potent anti-glycation ingredients can be found in Guinot skin care products, including Age Logic Celllulaire Cream, Time Logic Age Serum, Pleine Vie, and Douceur de Vie SPF 15.




In the spa, our facial treatments are designed to provide a deep infusion and higher concentrations of these anti-glycation agents. The world famous Hydradermie Facial does this by utilizing two types of electric current — galvanic and high frequency– to both ionize and oxygenate, resulting in immediate visible and lasting results. Regular facials make the skin more receptive to your home care regimen, and good home care makes our facials more effective.


In Conclusion


In summary, glycation is only one of the many factors that can accelerate the aging process. While glycation can never be eliminated, diet and specialized skin care can minimize its negative effects. Other factors can’t be ignored, especially lifestyle habits: exposure to the sun, smoking, inadequate sleep, and the effects of stress. These can all result in oxidation which produces a chain reaction of free radicals, making the components of our skin more vulnerable and ultimately causing it to age faster. Common sense proactive measures –avoid smoking, minimize sun exposure and the use of sunblock, and regular vigorous aerobic exercise to manage stress and stimulate the metabolism — are all necessary to maximize our anti-aging efforts.


Treatment Spotlight: Acti-Sea Body Wrap




Treatment Spotlight: Acti-Sea Body Wrap

Ideal Client: Anyone

Guest Blogger: Sha Sumbatyan




I think that this service is one of the most beneficial services that we offer at Fountains Day Spa, because it just makes you feel good, and the results are immediate.


This wrap contains a potent mix of five French seaweeds including, Laminaria, Fucus, Ulva Lactuca, Spirulina and Sea Rocket submerging the body in pure marine actives to stimulate, firm and moisturize the skin of the body. The mud contains ingredients which offer vitamins, iron, iodine, amino acids, lecithin, essential fatty acids, and mucilage, aiding in the overall detoxification. These ingredients work to stimulate the thyroid, promote decongestion and waste elimination, improving skin smoothness, re-balanced, restores proper hydration, and prevents future skin damage by fighting free radicals.


After having this treatment your joints and skin feel dramatically different. The seaweed removes toxins from your body, which leaves you feeling rejuvenated and your skin looking amazing! I recommend having this on a regular basis if you are looking to begin a healthy routine. I personally have this service done once a month, and I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in my energy level.  Others may need to have this treatment done more frequently depending on activity level and personal goals.


I see many of my clients who have recognized the benefits of this treatment, and continually come back to have it done. I also see clients getting this wrap before going on a vacation, before military weight ins, and after a rigorous workout routine that has left them feeling achy and sore.





Treatment Spotlight: Liftosome Facial




Treatment Spotlight: Liftosome Facial

Ideal Skin Type: Clients looking to tighten their skin

Guest Blogger: Erin Ryan



One of my favorite facials to perform is the Liftosome Facial. This pro-collagen infused facial is a great pick-me-up for all age groups! Not only does it tighten and tone the face, it also brightens your complextion to give you an awesome glow! Even better, you’ll notice a difference after just one facial. I recommend this facial for someone who is getting ready for a special event, or someone who simply needs a little something to make them feel better.


The Liftosome starts out with an exfoliation using Guinot’s Gommage Biologique. Once dead skin cells are removed, a Pro-collagen concentrate in massaged into the skin.  This concentrate is made up with stabilized vitamin C to restore the skins elasticity. The Pro-collagen is kept on the skin while a Thermolift mask is applied on top.  This mask is amazing, and unlike any other that we offer!  It heats up on the skin to really help the pro-collagen penetrate deeper into the skin, providing you with great results. The mask has a luxurious smell to it, and can be applied over the eyes and mouth for maximum lift results, if desired.  Once the mask hardens, it is lifted off the face to reveal a tighter, toned and brightened complexion. The facial is finished with an Anti-Aging serum the contains Biopeptides to firm and smooth the skin.


This facial is great to book as a special-occasion facial or if you’re looking for a real head-turning results, I would strongly recommend combining the Liftosome Facial with The Lift Facial.  Together these facials will work on muscle tone and collagen production all in one! I am always getting feedback from clients who rave about their results and they keep coming back for more!


Product of the Week: Guinot Gommage Grain D’Eclat




Featured Product: Gommage Grain D’Eclat

Ideal Skin Type: All Skin Types

Guest Blogger: Francis Vergara



Most people are familiar with the term exfoliation, but are not aware of the many benefits it has or even how to use it to achieve the best results for their skin.


New skin cells are generated in the lower layer, the dermis. And over a period of about 30 days, these cells develop and mature as they move to the surface of the skin. At the end of their journey, they flatten out, die, and become saturated with keratin, which serves as a basic protection to the more delicate layers of the skin. There are several negative effects of this buildup of dead cells, and there are healthier, more esthetic methods of protection.  We always recommend some type of exfoliation routine, depending on individual skin conditions.

15% off Gommage Grain June 3ed – June 9th

15% off Gommage Grain
June 3rd – June 9th

What is Exfoliation and Why Should I Exfoliate?


This is the process of removing the dead skin cells that accumulate on the skin’s surface. The benefits of exfoliation include:


  • Minimizes clogged pores from oil and impurities, thereby minimizing breakouts
  • Results in softer, more radiant and glowing skin.
  • Increases the reproduction rate of skin cells
  • Allows moisturizers, serums, and other treatment creams to penetrate deeper into the skin
  • Creates a more even skin tone, preventing and minimizing the visible effects of sun damage (hyper pigmentation)
  • Exfoliation for men keeps the hair follicles clear which allows for a more effective and less irritating shave
  • Increases the skin’s metabolism, boosting circulation


How is Exfoliation Performed?


There are two basic methods of exfoliation: Mechanical Exfoliation and Chemical Exfoliation. Mechanical methods involve creating friction with some type of abrasive material. Chemical methods generally contain some type of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), beta hydroxy acids (BHA), or fruit enzymes, all of which act to loosen or dissolve the substance that holds the dead skin cells together (intercellular cement). 


For most skin types, the in-home exfoliator that I recommend is Guinot’s Gommage Grain D’Eclat. It contains polyethylene micro-particles which provide gentle friction to smooth the skin while freeing the pores of dirt and impurities. Another key ingredient is jojoba micro spheres, which act to smooth, soften and moisturize.  For dry skin, I recommend doing a thorough exfoliation once a week; for oily or combination skin, twice per week.


How to use an exfoliator?


For best results, cleanse the skin and pat it dry. Apply a thin layer to the entire face and neck, avoiding the contour of the eyes. Let it sit on the face for about ten minutes. During this time, excess oil and impurities are absorbed by kaolin and the cream will begin to dry. Once it has completely dried, gently rub the cream with your fingers in circular motions over a sink. Allow the small particles to fall off your face and into the sink. Once most of the product has come off, rinse off any excess and follow with a toner/moisturizer.


Some things to keep in mind regarding exfoliation:


  • While many exfoliants on the market can dry and irritate the skin, Gommage Grain D’Eclat is gentle enough to ensure that these negative effects do not occur.
  • Avoid exfoliating while in the shower, because the exfoliating cream will not dry sufficiently for the necessary friction to occur.  
  • Gommage Grain D’Eclat is appropriate for most skin types. For those with extremely sensitive skin, Gommage Biologique would be an excellent alternative. And for those with moderate to extreme acneic conditions, even gentle rubbing/friction is not recommended. For these conditions, the Pure Balance Mask is recommended.
  • After exfoliation, the skin is very receptive to the nourishing, hydrating, and stimulating ingredients of a facial mask. Applying a mask after exfoliating is a great way to enhance the effects of your exfoliator, giving the skin more radiance, glow, and energy!


Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding exfoliation or any other type of skin care issue.


Fun Fact: Did you know that the skin’s natural process for shedding dead skin cells is known as desquamation? This type of shedding however is uneven and incomplete, so we use exfoliation techniques to accelerate desquamation and give us optimal results!






Product Of The Week: Guinot Youth Time Foundation




Featured Product: Youth Time Foundation

Ideal Skin Type: All Skin Types

Guest Blogger: Storie Olsen




I am someone who is very into makeup.  Even as a little girl, I would go through my mother’s makeup drawer and turn my face into what I thought was a masterpiece (that’s debatable.) When I learned that Guinot was coming out with a foundation last year, my ears instantly perked up.


15% off Guinot Youth Time Foundation May 20th – May 26th


When I first tried Youth Time Foundation, I was initially impressed with the amount of pigmentation this product had.  With just a light application the coverage was pretty good, I was able to hide marks from blemishes fairly easily.  After having it on my skin for a while I started to notice the texture of my skin.  It left my skin feeling smooth, almost velvety.  This is not something I’ve found with other foundations on the market.  When the foundation was on, it gave my skin a perfect mix of a matte and dewy finish. There wasn’t any “shine” to my skin, but there was a definite glow about it.  Also I noticed when I started wearing it, I was receiving more compliments on how healthy I looked. When I apply my foundation, I find it easiest to do so with my fingers.  The texture and consistency of the actual foundation is very similar to a face cream.


 Click below to see a demonstration on how I apply Youth Time Foundation

Now that I’ve gone on about how great the foundation looks on the skin, let me explain why.  Youth Time contains Optical Fillers and Spherical Fillers of Hyaluronic Acid.  What this does is it literally fills in the grooves of wrinkles making the skin appear more plump.  This foundation also includes Vitamin E, Seaweed, and Green Tea extracts.  These ingredients are amazing because they are actually slowing down the aging process, by strengthening skin elasticity.


One negative is that this foundation is that it currently only has 3 colors. However I do find that the colors are fairly easy to blend and can suit a variety of light to medium complexions.



Guinot Mask Dynamisant Anti-Fatigue




Guinot Masque Dynamisant Anti-Fatigue Mask

Ideal Skin Type: All Skin

Guest Blogger: Audrey Griffin



Guinot’s Instant Radiance Face Mask (Dynamisant Anti-Fatigue) helps to achieve many beneficial results for your skin. This mask renews the skin’s radiance, while also revitalizing and smoothing your features. A combination of cold essential oils, AHA Complex, Dynalift, Lift Firming Complex, and Hydrocyte Complex work together to make the Instant Radiance Mask a truly unique product. This product is perfect to use on the day of big event because it makes the skin appear visibly healthier instantly.



 Check out a video on how to use this mask by clicking the link below.



I would like to discuss just how the key active ingredients in the Instant Radiance Mask will benefit your skin.  The mint and eucalyptus cold essential oils refresh the skin, which restores radiance and provides vitality. You will notice that these oils give the mask an incredible smell, as well as a cooling effect to on your skin! The AHA Complex boosts cellular renewal by eliminating dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. Dyalift forms a film at the skin’s surface that coats and firms the skin. Lift Firming Complex combats skin laxity thanks to its instant and intense firming effect. Hydrocyte Complex hydrates and provides long-lasting moisture to cells, compensating dehydration lines.  It’s simply amazing that Guinot has been able to combine all of these great benefits in just one bottle.


One of my absolute favorite features of the Instant Radiance face mask is that it actively exfoliates your skin while it’s treating it. This makes it a perfect product for anyone who doesn’t have time to use a separate exfoliator and a mask.  Lastly and for some people the most important feature is that this masque can give you results in as little as three minutes (yes, I said THREE)! This mask is ideal for all skin types as well.  For best results use once or twice a week for up to 10 minutes.






Featured Product: Guinot Sun Products

Ideal Skin Type: All Skins

Blogger: Suzanne Olsen



The Guinot Control Laboratory in France is one of the most renowned in the cosmetic sector. It has been recognized as a leader amongst skincare research labs, and incorporates the most modern technology into their research. The Guinot Lab is also dedicated to creating and producing products that go above and beyond the normal standards. To that I should note that all Guinot products are formulated without Parabens or GMOs (Genetically Modified Organism).


As summer approaches I want to share with you the new technology and effectiveness of the Nucleic Defense Sun Protective Range that Guinot has created. This product range has triple the protection of your standard Sun product. Nucleic Defense is the first sunscreen formulated with DNA molecules and sun filters. DNA molecules absorb and neutralize the UV rays that can modify skin cell DNA. In a nutshell the ultraviolet light from the sun causes damage to the skin cells by actually changing the structure of the DNA in them. Introducing small bits of DNA (thymidine dinucleotide) can boost the cell’s repair pathways so they remove more of the damaged bits of DNA after UV exposure. Sunscreens without DNA in them can leave “windows” on the skin through which certain UV rays can penetrate and modify DNA. Applying DNA to the skin’s surface “fills out” these “windows,” thus protecting the cells’ own DNA.



This product line also contains a natural ingredient called, Heliotropine (created by Guinot) which helps the skin tame the negative effects of the Sun. Heliptropine is derived from the Greek words helios (sun) and tropos (affinity). The benefits that this ingredient does for the skin is substantial; I will list a few benefits below.


Skin protection

  • Protects against harmful UV rays
  • Promotes the production of melanin, a natural skin protection from UVrays

Stimulates natural, even tanning process

  • Generates and accelerates melanin synthesis, thereby enhancing a tan.
  • Prevents formation of pigmentation marks
  • Ensures an even distribution of melanin on the skin’s surface

Fights low tolerance to the Sun

  • Comforts skin by strengthening its natural defense
  • Limits erythemia and sun-induced allergies


Basically the DNA in these products will act as a barrier as well as a magnate, by attracting the Sun’s rays, thus protecting and shielding your own DNA. Not only is your DNA kept intact and untouched, but the UV rays are kept from damaging your cells.


In my opinion, this Nucleic Defense Range is one of the most advanced programs for skin protection and has several different products to satisfy all skin types and weather conditions.


At Fountains, we want to make sure you are informed about sun protection and if you have further questions as to which product is right for you and when and how to use please give us a call, or stop by, and we would be happy to assist you.

I wish everyone a warm happy and protected summer.

– Suzanne Olsen



Guinot Sun Products Include:

Guinot – Large Écran UV Sunscreen SPF 30

Guinot – Large Defense UV SPF 20

Guinot – Longue Vie Soleil

Guinot – Spray Bronze Oil Free Sunscreen SPF 15

Guinot – Huile Bronzante Diam’Sun Glowing Tanning Oil





Why Guinot?

The question I’m often asked is “Why do we only use Guinot at Fountains Day Spa?” Thinking of that question I decided to put pen to paper or in today’s world finger to keyboard and dedicate this month’s blog on answering that exact question.


The Beginning


I was first introduced to this line in 1973 in London. At that time I was in my early twenties and had only a minimal amount of experience in the beauty industry, but still even then, I knew when I found Guinot I had found the best.


Guinot, back then, was definitely ahead of it’s time, on the cutting edge of skin care, with a professional approach, and very much dedicated to getting results. Guinot is also one of the first skin care lines to adhere to “beauty without cruelty” belief (meaning, that they do not test any of their products on animals). This aspect of the company has always been important to me. At that time it was rare to find any beauty company with such high standards and a dedication to make a difference in the world.


An Eco-Friendly Company


Guinot is also an eco-friendly company. Their aim is to respect the environment, not only with the formulation of their products, but also with their production method. They are so dedicated to protecting the environment and the health of their clients, that all of the elements they use in their product line are pure and whole. None of the ingredients come from GMO plants (genetically modified organism). The active ingredients they use are all used with respect to the environment, by sourcing them from renewable plants.


Outstanding Professional and Retail Products


With such high standards on board with caring for the environment, you can imagine that when it comes to caring for the skin, Guinot is a company that gets results. I’ve seen firsthand dramatic transformations with clients who’ve used Guinot. I still have many of my original clients from 30 years ago, who have grown beautifully by being dedicated to their personal skin care regimen with the help of Guinot. Don’t be fooled, Guinot is not just a “one-trick-pony” type of skin care line. They have produced an exceptional professional range of professional products and facials that used and performed at the spa to treat the skin in a different way then other skincare lines do. One obvious difference is the use of galvanic current as opposed to steam in facials. Guinot has realized that steam, much to many peoples surprise can be quite damaging to the skin during a facial. While galvanic current genteelly softens the sebum and helps to break down excess keratin in the skin, allowing for a deeper clean without the harshness of steam or the possibility of broken blood vessels. With such a superior skin care line in use at the spa, it would only be appropriate to provide our clients with the same quality of products for their home care regimen, because beautiful skin is a combination of both personal and professional care.


One Of My Favorite Guinot Products


Since being introduced to Guinot all those years ago I have been a loyal and avid user, you could say I have grown up with them. In the beginning I would use a product called crème 888, a rich night cream, just two nights out of a month, now in my 60’s I use it every day. It is one of their classic products that have personally given me effective results. My skin has benefited and aged slower due to having this product in my daily régime. Not to mention the range of Age Nutritive and Time logic products, which is their line first dealing with cell-renewal, it is truly an anti-aging line, that’s given my clients outstanding results. The first time I used Time Logic on myself, I noticed an improvement in the tone and a lessening in wrinkles within 24 hours, not to mention the compliments on my completion from clients.


Your Personal Skin Consultation


If you have any further questions regarding Guinot, please feel free to send me a message, as I can simply go one for days about this line. Also if you are looking for a consultation on what specific products are best for your skin, make an appointment for a free consultation during the week and I or one of our many talented estheticians will be more then happy to speak with you.

The seasons have changed & so should your skin care products.

Guinot Skin Care


It’s June! And we’re heading towards the dog days of summer. It’s time to think about how best to take care of your skin. Why? With the added heat, and humidity or summer, the skin care products that worked for you in the cooler months, could start to clog pores and counteract results you’re trying to achieve with your skin.


Just think of this analogy, we layer our clothes in winter to keep warm, and protected from the elements. In the summer we completely change our wardrobe and we begin to wear as little as possible to keep cool and comfortable.  Our winter skincare products are designed to conceal and protect.  Whereas in the summer we prioritize keeping the skin clean, enabling the skin to breath, keeping pores unclogged, all while hydrating the skin and giving added protection against anti-free radicals, and the sun’s rays.


In order to get the most accurate skin care product suggestions I would recommend coming in and consulting with one of our estheticians.  However I will go over some quick change suggestions when it comes to cleansers in the summertime.


For Normal to Dry Skin


Guinot clients who are using gentle cleansers in the morning and evening to eliminate dirt and impurities, such as the Lait Hydra Fraicheur (Pink Cleanser) or Lait Hydra Confort (Green Cleanser) may want to change to Hydra Tendre.  This is a gentle wash-off cleansing cream with the ability to deeply cleanse the skin, but mild enough for daily use. The advantage of using this cleanser in the summer time is that it will cleanse without having a drying effect.  Making it easier to remove any makeup, sweat or dirt on the skin’s surface, leaving your face feeling refreshed.


One of my favorite cleansers in the summertime is, Eau DeMaquillante Parfaite (One-Step Cleanser).  This is ideal for anyone who travels or on the go (like a gym-rat). With just one quick step the skin is cleansed, refreshed and toned.


For Oily Skin


For any of our clients with oily to breakout skin, who have already been using Hydra Tendre, but find that they are breaking out more as it gets hotter out.  I would suggest looking into Guinot’s purifying Microbiotic line. The Microbiotic Cleansing Foam deeply purifies the skin and controls the spread of bacteria and oil, without drying the surface.  Microbiotic Toning Lotion is ideal for all oily skin types, as it protects and balances the skin throughout the day.


So often at the spa, I see clients who over-dehydrate their oily skin by using products they believe will control the oil. It is important to understand oily skin when you have it, the oil that you have comes from the lower layers of skin (dermis, true skin) and water is found on the surface layer (which is important for every skin type to have). If you use a product that is too powerful (or drying), in order to slow down or eliminate the oil in your skin, chances are the product will instead (drastically) diminish the water lipids on the surface of the skin, leaving you with dehydrated, and acne-prone skin.  When your skin gets dehydrated, a message will be sent to your glands to start producing more oil to compensate for the lack of water.  Basically it becomes a vicious cycle that will be hard to get out of once you’re in it.




If you have any questions about your current skincare regime or skin conditions, please don’t hesitate to call or come in for a consultation.  Finding the correct balance of product for your skin is vital in maintaining healthy, glowing skin.


If you have any questions you would like to ask me, you can always email me at