Marsha (Fairfax)

Dear Suzanne,
The wonderful massage you gave me September 20th helped me arrive for my knee surgery in a peaceful and relaxed state. I felt so good after the massage and really like the heated stones you are now using. You definitely have a calming and healing effect on my body.
To recover I’m spending lot’s of time in the pool doing exercises and swimming .I am fortunate that Fairfax County has great recreation centers and I use their pool, leg press and bicycle. It is taking lots of time but I want to do my part to make a full recovery.
Thanks for the great massage and for your good wishes. I do think the mind and body need to work together and I’m sure arriving for surgery in a calm and happy state was important.
I’ll be back for more peace, calm , relaxation, and healing. When I’m ready to take a break from this exercise schedule.

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Marsha (Fairfax)VA)