Pat (Fairfax)

I have an appointment today with Suzanne at the Fountains Day Spa, and I want to share my thoughts with you. I know that I will limp into the spa, feeling dried up, wrinkled and generally ‘down at the heels’. The minute I enter the salon, I will be surrounded by healing warmth and will be calmed by the soothing peace and quiet. Suzanne will greet me with a delicious hug, and my healing will begin. By the time my treatments finish, I will be totally relaxed, my skin will have a new glow, my spirit will be soaring and I will be as always, eternally grateful to Suzanne.
I have been going to Suzanne for many years and it just gets better every time. When I first met Suzanne, spas were not a part of my life. She was my introduction and I thank the fates for allowing our paths to cross. Anyone who discovers the Fountains Day Spa is indeed a very lucky person.

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Pat (Fairfax)VA)