Maggie (Alexandria)

I received a Hydradermie facial on Wednesday from Erin. I really enjoyed the facial, Erin was great I definitely want to come and see her again in 4-6 weeks. My chin area has been so bad the last couple of months (I want to cry) and Erin explained why this may be happening. So I will take her advice and change my skin routine.

Mary (Alexandria)

Dear Suzanne,
You are an angel on this earth. How incredibly generous and kind you are. God will shine on you for all the love you shower on others. I will be in soon for my sea algae treatment. You have my sincerest gratitude

Miranda (Bethesda)

Dear Suzanne,
It occurred to me that I have never expressed my gratitude to you for all the wonderful support you have given me over the years.
From the first day to today you have always greeted me with care and respect. I continue to come back not only because you are the best of your profession, but because you are so real and communicate in such a natural way.
I also want you to know how very touched I was of your gift to me of a facial just before I got married.
A mere thank you just isn’t adequate to cover your generosity of spirit all these years, but I hope it will do.
Love, Miranda

Carlyn (Alexandria)

Is there a more effective facial? I don’t think so! My face actually feels and looks so much better — You’re a skin genius——it was so nice to see you again, and look forward to coming back soon.
Best of luck on your exciting plans.

Marsha (Fairfax)

Dear Suzanne,
The wonderful massage you gave me September 20th helped me arrive for my knee surgery in a peaceful and relaxed state. I felt so good after the massage and really like the heated stones you are now using. You definitely have a calming and healing effect on my body.
To recover I’m spending lot’s of time in the pool doing exercises and swimming .I am fortunate that Fairfax County has great recreation centers and I use their pool, leg press and bicycle. It is taking lots of time but I want to do my part to make a full recovery.
Thanks for the great massage and for your good wishes. I do think the mind and body need to work together and I’m sure arriving for surgery in a calm and happy state was important.
I’ll be back for more peace, calm , relaxation, and healing. When I’m ready to take a break from this exercise schedule.

Ronnie (San Diego)

Fountains Day Spa,
Craniosacral Therapy saved my life both physically and emotionally. Melinda Naff, Suzanne Olsen & The Fountains Day Spa are miracle workers. I have been receiving treatments for about a year and a half.
When I discovered Melinda I had a carpal tunnel like problem with my left thumb that caused severe pain up my arm and rendered my left hand useless. I was about to schedule surgery to cut the sheath on my thumb to relieve the pain. At that time I also had severe pain in the ball of my left foot. I had taken cortisone shots, limped and heels were a thing of the past.
I first went to Melinda simply for a massage to help me relax. She did her magic and I left, not cured, but able to remove the brace from my hand and the pain was greatly reduced. Over about a six-month period she was able to heal the pain in my hand completely. I now have full use of my hand and arm.
Now that I could use crutches I scheduled surgery for my foot. I continued my work with Melinda and she focused on my legs and feet. I got almost immediate relief and could actually feel the calcium deposit breaking up in my foot. Today I can wear heels again. The pain does come back and I know that what I need to do is stretch out my muscles. I believe that my hand and my foot problems were due to stress and extremely tight muscles and blocked energy in my leg and knee. Melinda and Craniosacral Therapy released these blockages.
I am so very thankful that I discovered Melinda. Can’t even imagine what my life would be like if I had continued down the path of pain.
Suzanne is truly a giver of light who has put together a team of experts in skincare & massage treatments that equal any Spa worldwide. As a retired Admiral in the U.S. Navy I have frequented many spas in the world and the Fountains Day Spa is number one.

Rebekah (Greenbelt)

Fountains Day Spa
Thank You for the services and kindness you all provided. (My toes are still painted and look sexy.) The salon Francis recommended was a great choice. My hair looks totally fabulous. I got lucky- traffic was not that bad on the drive home. To top the evening off I came to home to an arrangement of all kind of flowers and a red velvet birthday cake- imagine that. My handsome hubby is just awesome!! I had a relaxing time and a marvelous day. I hope you all have a splendid weekend. I look forward to coming back.

Karen (Hockessin)

I’ve been enjoying facials from the staff at The Fountains Day Spa for over 25 years. Moving a hundred miles away hasn’t stopped me from continuing my monthly visits, either. Getting pampered at The Fountains has always been a treat, but an even greater treat is hearing people gasp in disbelief when they learn my age.

Annie (Alexandria)

Dear Suzanne,
As this is the beginning of a New Year, I felt it was a good time to write and tell you what the Fountains means to me.
I have been coming to you for almost twenty years now. What you have created at The Fountains is very special. From the moment one enters the door you and your staff treat each client with such warmth, care and dedication to making their visit an enjoyable experience.
Your treatments are superb, and I like the way you so often tailor them to the individual client. The ambiance is wonderful and you spare no energy in making everyone as comfortable and feeling relaxed as possible.
Of course I cannot say enough good things about the Guinot products – they are just simply the best!
I commend you Suzanne, on your competent staff, which have also acquired your warmth and incredible aptitude in making everyone feel so good after their visit.
I wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year and I look forward to many more special pampering visits to your Day Spa.

Pat (Fairfax)

I have an appointment today with Suzanne at the Fountains Day Spa, and I want to share my thoughts with you. I know that I will limp into the spa, feeling dried up, wrinkled and generally ‘down at the heels’. The minute I enter the salon, I will be surrounded by healing warmth and will be calmed by the soothing peace and quiet. Suzanne will greet me with a delicious hug, and my healing will begin. By the time my treatments finish, I will be totally relaxed, my skin will have a new glow, my spirit will be soaring and I will be as always, eternally grateful to Suzanne.
I have been going to Suzanne for many years and it just gets better every time. When I first met Suzanne, spas were not a part of my life. She was my introduction and I thank the fates for allowing our paths to cross. Anyone who discovers the Fountains Day Spa is indeed a very lucky person.