Helen (Leesburg)

Dear Suzanne,
Since becoming your client 25 years ago, I have traveled the world.
Whether I am in London, Moscow or Beijing, you are still the best!
People think I am 45 instead of 65 thanks to you.
Your caring and encouragement over the past 25 years have taught me the importance of nurturing the body, mind and soul.

Katherine (Arlington

To Whom It May Concern,
I spent the afternoon at your spa on Friday April 23, 2004 for the “Morning of Beauty.” I did not have cash on me and was unable to pay the tips to the three people who made my day so relaxing. Please divide my tip three ways.
Appreciate your help.
Thank you,

Karen (St. Louis)

Wish I could be there. Tell Suzanne Hi and send my love. No one like her or Fountains Day here in St. Louis.

Alexis (Alexandria)

To everyone at the Fountains Day Spa,
Thank you for making my 31st birthday so special! I appreciated the royal treatment – it made me feel like a queen.
What a special birthday treat and a wonderful day. You’re a very kind group of people. Thank you

Ellen (Duxbury

Thank you Suzanne,
For your warm supportive message today.

Yvette (Capitol Heights

The Wonderful Staff,
I couldn’t let another day pass by without sending out this heartfelt thank you.
It’s Yvette, and I was there on Friday, Jan 7, 2005 for the works (a gift for my birthday).
You all helped me celebrate one of the best birthdays I’ve ever celebrated. I felt absolutely wonderful and special. Each service was amazing and I say thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you that treated me so special and took great care of me. I haven’t stopped talking about you all.
I will be back. Thanks again.
God bless.

Meghan (Springfield)

Dear Suzanne, Francis and all at the Fountains Day Spa,
Thank you so much for the ‘royal treatment’ this week at your spa!
I appreciate your friendliness toward me and really feel at home.
Francis was an outstanding esthetician and conservationist. Again thank you for your thoughtful generosity by giving me this gift – you all made my day!

Rebecca (Alexandria)

I want to be the one to give you this book because its spirit of healing reminds me of you. I actually thought of you several times while I was reading it, because I knew you would love it. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts next time I see you. Enjoy!

Cindy (Ithaca, NY)

Thank you so much for my facial. It was relaxing – but I enjoyed most meeting you!
Special thanks for taking such good care of our girls.

Kathy (Williston

Hello dear people,
I hope you will remember the 4 women who spent a wonderful day at your spa last September. We were there to celebrate our dear friend, Emily’s, end of cancer treatment. Unfortunately shortly after…. within a matter of weeks…. the cancer came back with a vengeance. Emily passed away last weekend after a 2 year courageous battle.
Our girlfriend weekend was one of the highlights of her life…. we had all been friends since we were 9… 44 years!!! So there were many highlights but that weekend was superb.
Thank you for making it such an incredible experience for us all.