The Eyes of March

The Eyes of March



During the entire Month of March, we are bringing the focus of our monthly special to the very delicate area around the eyes. We have a treatment that will have you excited about the results, even after just one treatment, let alone a series. This 40-Minute specialized treatment called, The Eye Logic, targets crow’s feet and lines around the upper and lower lids, while also treating dark circles and puffiness.

Because the muscles around the eyes are small and have no anchor (where our crows feet appear) it is one of the first areas to age. With this knowledge, Guinot developed a muscle stimulating facial called, ”The Eye Lift”. This is a treatment that focuses on the eye area, to strengthen and tighten sagging muscles. We’ve combined Guinot’s Eye Logic Treatment with the Eye Lift Treatment to create the ultimate “Eye Facial” called The Ultra Eye Logic.



Ultra Eye Logic Promotion:

Ultra Eye Logic (Normally $105) as a special price of $84
The Youthful Eyes Program (Four Ultra Eye Logic Treatments) is normally $420, offered at a special price of $315



The Ultra Eye Logic Treatment is a contouring treatment that targets the very delicate eye area in just 55 minutes. This 4-step treatment will help eliminate wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles around the eye area.

Secrets Behind The Ultra Eye Logic

Specific eye serum
Penetrated through the use of the Hydradermie Galvanic appliance to help drain puffiness around the eyes, decongest dark circles and smooth away crow’s feet and frown lines.

Exclusive eye contour massage
Tones the skin, lifts the eye contour, helps stimulate drainage and increases circulation to help brighten the eye area.

Eye Lift
15 Minutes of Micro-current is used to reduce the signs of aging whilst giving the eyes a younger appearance.

Eye contour mask
Creates an instant “lifting effect” thanks to its firming active ingredients.



  • Minimize the appearance of dark circles
  • Combats puffiness
  • Reduces shadows and bags
  • Hydrates



The Youthful Eyes Program

The Youthful Eyes Program is a series of four Ultra Eye Logic treatments.  This is Guinot’s newest treatment and is a 55 minute treatment solely working on the eyes and forehead area.  It helps combat fine lines and wrinkles, as well as dark circles.

Using the galvanic current we help penetrate ingredients, such as ATP and Pro Oxygen to tighten and tone the eye area, while using green seaweed to increase circulation. After the galvanic treatment, an eye contour massage is performed and is followed by an eye contour mask, which creates and instant lifting effect and releases the active ingredients to the heart of the cell.   This is followed with 15 minutes of micro-current around the eyes, stimulating the eye muscles, to prevent the look of sagging.

The eyes are one of the first areas we will notice signs of aging, this program is designed for anyone who is trying to prevent or correct unwanted aging around the eyes.  It is perfect for someone who may be noticing the effects of a busy lifestyle and may need a “pick me up” around the eyes.

Details regarding the Youthful Eyes Program

Youthful Eyes Program

This program includes 4 Ultra Eye Logic Treatments

– Take 15% off Guinot Products on the day you purchase your program
– Receive 10% off Guinot Products during the course of the 6-week program

Package Price: $315 (Normal Price: $420)

This promotional series requires that the participant use and complete all 4 facials over the course of a 6-week period. The 6-week period will begin on the date of purchase.




To make an appointment call, 703-549-1990.
You must mention this promotion to take advantage of the special price.
This promotion cannot be purchased as a gift certificate.
This promotion is only available through March 31, 2019.


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