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The Facts On Exfoliating

The Facts On Exfoliating:

Should you or should you not? That is the Question!



In a perfect world your skin would have a built-in system to regenerate and replace dead cells every 28 days. Unfortunately, this perfect world does not always exist. Many factors come into play that add to the amount of dead cells we accumulate on our faces, including age, environment, exposure, types of products used, just to mention a few. What causes our skin to become uneven, dull, thick or less receptive to products are usually due to the slowing down of the epidermis, the buildup of cell, in other words, aging.


It’s usually easy to tell when your skin is out of balance, it will begin to appear dull, and lifeless or the products you have been using for the last few months,  don’t produce the results they use to. If this is the situation you find yourself in, now is the time to consider introducing an exfoliator into your skincare routine. Using an exfoliator  is an essential step in any beauty care routine, as it helps rid the skin of dead cells that build up on the surface and prevents it from breathing. After using an exfoliator, the face will glow with new radiance.




There are two types of exfoliators that we sell at Fountains Day Spa, the biological exfoliator for sensitive skin and the manual exfoliator with microbeads for all skin types.


Gommage Biologique is an ideal product for all skin types, but works especially well for those with sensitive skin,  as it does not contain any mechanical pieces, such as grains or pits. This gel-to-oil substance gently exfoliates fragile and sensitive skin. When applied after cleansing , the top layers of the skin is gently removed as the gel-like serum warms and turns into an oil, indicating the process of removing dead cells is completed. This exfoliator contains green tea which is a stimulating anti-oxidant that gives a youth boost to the complexion.




Another perfect exfoliant for most skin types is Gommage Éclat Parfait. This manual exfoliator uses double micro-particles that simultaneously removes dead cells from the skin’s surface while encouraging cell renewal and preparing skin to soak up any following products that are applied to the skin. Unlike harsh scrubs, the silky and creamy exfoliator is enriched with fatty essential acids that instantly unclog pores , while comforting and protecting the skin. In addition to prepping skin to receive other products, exfoliating will unclog pores and smooth one’s face. Gommage Éclat Parfait is also embedded with Liposkin, which is a vegtable butter that replenishes lipids in the skin surface.




Both of these exfoliators should be used in the winter months, roughly  1-2times a week depending on the skins needs.


These are recommendations based on the winter weather, remember that it does get hot and humid in the summer, so you may need to change frequency of use at that time. Always check with your Beauty Therapist when the season changes if you are unsure.


See you in the summer!!!