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Ultra Hydradermie



Treatment Spotlight:

Ultra Hydradermie

Guest Blogger: Bri Anderson



My favorite facial to perform is the Ultra Hydradermie. This is an 80-minute relaxing, pampering treat for your face. It combines the full Hydradermie facial with key aspects of the Aromatic facial. I start off every facial with a consultation with my clients to learn first what results they are looking to achieve, this is followed by cleansing and exfoliating the skin. During exfoliation, I incorporate some lymphatic drainage techniques on the face and décolleté, helping my clients to fully relax.



I then select custom serum gels that are best suited to what my client needs and continue with Galvanic current rollers. The rollers help penetrate the active ingredients of the selected gels into the skin deeper and faster. I follow this up by using an oxygenating emulsion paired with a high-frequency wand. High frequency is known for its antiseptic and healing effect on the skin, as well as its ability to stimulate circulation, oxygenate the skin, and increase cell metabolism.



After all of this is when I introduce an essential oil blend that I carefully selected to benefit my clients’ individual beauty goals. With these oils I perform a relaxing massage over the face, neck, and décolleté. This service is finished off with a peel-off aromatic mask, packed with a blend of essential oils, fig, green tea, passion fruit, and aloe vera extracts, and 1nishing creams best adapted to the client’s beauty goals. The skin is left radiant, hydrated, and refreshed.