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Why Guinot?

The question I’m often asked is “Why do we only use Guinot at Fountains Day Spa?” Thinking of that question I decided to put pen to paper or in today’s world finger to keyboard and dedicate this month’s blog on answering that exact question.


The Beginning


I was first introduced to this line in 1973 in London. At that time I was in my early twenties and had only a minimal amount of experience in the beauty industry, but still even then, I knew when I found Guinot I had found the best.


Guinot, back then, was definitely ahead of it’s time, on the cutting edge of skin care, with a professional approach, and very much dedicated to getting results. Guinot is also one of the first skin care lines to adhere to “beauty without cruelty” belief (meaning, that they do not test any of their products on animals). This aspect of the company has always been important to me. At that time it was rare to find any beauty company with such high standards and a dedication to make a difference in the world.


An Eco-Friendly Company


Guinot is also an eco-friendly company. Their aim is to respect the environment, not only with the formulation of their products, but also with their production method. They are so dedicated to protecting the environment and the health of their clients, that all of the elements they use in their product line are pure and whole. None of the ingredients come from GMO plants (genetically modified organism). The active ingredients they use are all used with respect to the environment, by sourcing them from renewable plants.


Outstanding Professional and Retail Products


With such high standards on board with caring for the environment, you can imagine that when it comes to caring for the skin, Guinot is a company that gets results. I’ve seen firsthand dramatic transformations with clients who’ve used Guinot. I still have many of my original clients from 30 years ago, who have grown beautifully by being dedicated to their personal skin care regimen with the help of Guinot. Don’t be fooled, Guinot is not just a “one-trick-pony” type of skin care line. They have produced an exceptional professional range of professional products and facials that used and performed at the spa to treat the skin in a different way then other skincare lines do. One obvious difference is the use of galvanic current as opposed to steam in facials. Guinot has realized that steam, much to many peoples surprise can be quite damaging to the skin during a facial. While galvanic current genteelly softens the sebum and helps to break down excess keratin in the skin, allowing for a deeper clean without the harshness of steam or the possibility of broken blood vessels. With such a superior skin care line in use at the spa, it would only be appropriate to provide our clients with the same quality of products for their home care regimen, because beautiful skin is a combination of both personal and professional care.


One Of My Favorite Guinot Products


Since being introduced to Guinot all those years ago I have been a loyal and avid user, you could say I have grown up with them. In the beginning I would use a product called crème 888, a rich night cream, just two nights out of a month, now in my 60’s I use it every day. It is one of their classic products that have personally given me effective results. My skin has benefited and aged slower due to having this product in my daily régime. Not to mention the range of Age Nutritive and Time logic products, which is their line first dealing with cell-renewal, it is truly an anti-aging line, that’s given my clients outstanding results. The first time I used Time Logic on myself, I noticed an improvement in the tone and a lessening in wrinkles within 24 hours, not to mention the compliments on my completion from clients.


Your Personal Skin Consultation


If you have any further questions regarding Guinot, please feel free to send me a message, as I can simply go one for days about this line. Also if you are looking for a consultation on what specific products are best for your skin, make an appointment for a free consultation during the week and I or one of our many talented estheticians will be more then happy to speak with you.

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    I love love love Guinot products, I discovered them a few years ago and have used them ever since!

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