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Glisten & Glow Package - 90 Minutes | $275.40

The ultimate glow-up package includes two facial treatments: the New Hydra Summum Facial and the Guinot Eye Lift. The Hydra Summum Facial is a hydrating facial that contains Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize and fill lines. The Guinot Eye Lift targets the eye area to reduce signs of aging and fatigue. It uses muscle stimulation and specific eye products to provide immediate and long-lasting results. After the treatments, the skin appears plumped, smooth, and moisturized, giving a younger and smoother look.

Package Includes:
-50 Minute Hydradermie Facial
-40 Minute Eye Lift Treatment

Full time needed to complete package: 90 Minutes
Special Price $275.4 (Normally $306.00)

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Ultimate Pure Bliss - 160 minutes | $393.30

Unlock the ultimate pure bliss package which includes an 80-minute CBD Combination massage with emphasis on areas of stress - shoulders, neck, and lower back. Using the Revival CBD Massage Oil, achieve a deeper level of relaxation while nourishing the skin with antioxidants. The package also includes a spa specialty Facial - Super+ Hydradermie that exfoliates, moisturizes, and renews the skin within 80 minutes, leaving the skin brighter, cleaner, fresher, and younger. .

Package Includes:
-80 Minute CBD Combination Massage Massage
- 80 Minute Super+ Hydradermie Facial

Full time needed to complete package: 160 Minutes
Special Price $393.30 (Normally $437.00)
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Winter Retreat Package - 125 Minutes | $327.60

This package offers ultimate winter relaxation with an 50-minute Harmony Massage, peppermint Sole Relaxation foot massage, and Guinot Hydradermie facial. The massage is designed to alleviate stress and can include hot stones, reflexology, or intuitive bodywork. The foot massage uses pressure points and nutrient-rich steamed towels, while the facial is suitable for all skin types. It leaves the skin dewy, fresh, and radiant.

Package Includes:
- 50 Minute Harmony Massage
- 50 Minute Hydradermie Facial
-25 Minute Sole Relaxation

Full time needed to complete package: 125 Minutes
Special Price $327.60 (Normally $364.00)

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Moma’s Winter Escape - Prenatal Package - 125 Minutes | $313.20

Expectant mothers deserve to take a break and focus on themselves and the amazing journey they are on. Our special package offers a relaxing 50-minute pregnancy massage that uses lavender to promote relaxation and calmness, as well as frankincense to provide grounding and uplifting benefits for the body and mind. We also provide a facial designed for pregnant women, which includes the Esthemax® add-on for a deep cleansing and hydrating experience. Finally, we offer gentle hand and foot exfoliation using frankincense and lavender, followed by a light massage with luxurious body butter to leave your skin silky and soft. This is a great way to celebrate yourself and the new life you are creating!
Package Includes:
- 50 Minute Pregnancy Massage -50 Minute Pregnancy Facial
-25 Minute Hand & Foot Exfoliation
Full time needed to complete package: 125 Minutes
Special Price $326.70 (Normally 363.00)

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Winter Specials are good thru Sunday, March 19th, 2024

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