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Winter Specials



Fountains has created the Ultimate anti-aging facial, by bringing together two of our best facials, Guinot Lift Facial & The Neck Lift treatment. This neck lift treatment creates a firmer skin tone through muscle stimulation for both the neck and chin area. Results from this treatment can be seen immediately.

In pairing these two treatments together, we are able to address every aspect of aging, slowing down and preventing the onset of wrinkles and loose muscle tone on the neck and face. We've combined Guinot Lift facial and The Neck Lift Facial to create the ultimate Anti-aging treatment for you!

Package Includes:
- The Lift Facial
- The Neck Lift
Full time needed to complete package: 2 Hours
Special Price $231.30 (Normally $257)

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Unlock the ultimate pure bliss package that will melt all your tension and worries away. This package includes an 80 Minute CBD Combination massage with emphasis on areas of stress – the shoulders, neck, and lower back. Using our Revival CBD Massage Oil throughout the massage to achieve a deeper level of relaxation while nourishing the skin with antioxidants. Before long they will feel all aches and pains disappear. Next, receive our spa specialty Facial – Super+ Hydradermie. This facial exfoliator resurfaces, moisturizes, and renews the skin within just 80 minutes! Your skin will look brighter, feel cleaner, fresher, and younger regaining its luminosity.

Package Includes:
- CBD Combination Massage (80 Minutes)
- Super+ Hydradermie (80 Minutes)
Full time needed to complete package: 2 Hours 40 Minutes
Special Price $351 (Normally $390)

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Slip into deep relaxation with a massage that utilizes long flowing strokes to ensure extreme relaxation and improve circulation. Smooth, heated stones are integrated into the massage and placed on key tension areas of the body. The heat and energy from the hot stones transmit soothing warmth which combined with the pressure of the massage strokes, loosens, and melts stiff muscles, releases stress, creates a feeling of well-being, balance, and a sense of wholeness.

The massage is accompanied by a hand and foot exfoliation to soften your tired hands and feet. Finish up with eighty minutes of total pampering to the skin that matters the most with a Super+ Hydradermie facial.

Package Includes:
- Swedish Massage with Hot Stone add-on (50 Minutes)
- Hand & Foot Exfoliation
- Super+ Hydradermie
Full time needed to complete package: 3 Hours 30 Minutes
Special Price $350.10 (Normally $389)

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The perfect package for any Mother-to-be. This package begins with a relaxing 50-minute Lavender Pregnancy Massage, which targets problem areas associated with pregnancy while the lavender relaxes the mind and body.

Your package concludes with the newest Guinot Facial - Detoxygene. This facial will remove pollution and toxins from the skin's surface, and fills up the skin with oxygen.

Package Includes:
- Lavender Pregnancy Massage
- Detoxygen Facial
Full time needed to complete package: 2 Hours
Special Price $245.70 (Normally $273)

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Winter Specials are good thru March 19th, 2022, Stipulations Apply.

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